80's Metal

Though heavy metal did of course exist in the seventies, it really came of age in the eighties, both as a popular form of music in the mainstream as well as a booming underground movement. Some of metal's genres didn't really come into being until the mid-late eighties or later, but a basic style of metal (sometimes referred to in the press as Priest/Maiden, named obviously for two of 80's metal's biggest influences) began to take hold during this period.

220 Volt Evil Ripper
3rd Stage Alert Executioner Rottweiller
Acid Exorcist Ruthless
Adramelch Exxplorer Sabbrabells
ADX Faithful Breath Sacred Blade
Alien Force Gargoyle Sacred Oath
Americade Genocide Sacred Rite
Angus Glory Bells Sad Iron
Anthem Gotham City S.A.D.O.
Apocrypha Gravestone Saint
Arkangel Griffin Saints Anger
Atlain Hammerhawk Satan Jokers
Attacker Hammerschmitt Savage Grace
Attila Hammerwitch S.D.I.
August Redmoon Havoc Sentinel Beast
Axe Witch Hawaii Silver Mountain
Barren Cross H-Bomb Slauter Xstroyes
Bitch Heavy Load Sortilege
Black Death Hellion Sound Barrier
Black Task Helstar Steeler
Black Tears Heretic Steeler
Blacklace High Power Steel Vengeance
Blacklist Highway Chile Stormwitch
Blaspheme Hittman Stygian Shore
Bloodgood Hyksos Sweet Cheater
Bloodlust Impact Sword
Bodine Leatherwolf Syron Vanes
Brainfever LeMans Taist Of Iron
Breaker Liege Lord Thrust
Brocas Helm Lions Breed Thunderfire
Burning Starr Lizzy Borden Thunderhead
Chastain Lords Of The Crimson Alliance Torch
Cirith Ungol Malisha Toxik
Convict Maltese Falcon Trauma
Crisis Maninnya Blade TT Quick
Crossfire Martyr Tyran Pace
Crysys Medieval Steel Tyrant
Culprit Mistreater Tyrant
Cutty Sark Mox Nix Tyton
Damien Thorne Neon Cross Vectom
Dark Wizard Nigro Mantia Vicious Barreka
Dead End Obsession Voie De Fait
Deadly Blessing Oliver Magnum Wallop
Deaf Dealer Omen Warhead
Death Mask Ostrogoth Warlock
Ded Engine Overdrive Warlord
Deep Throat Overlorde Warning
Def Leppard Oxenkiller Warrant
Defender Oz Wild Dogs
Demon Eyes Pandemonium Witch Cross
Demon Flight Picture Witchkiller
Der Kaiser Piledriver Wrath
Devil Childe Preyer X-Japan
Dr. Mastermind Purgatory Zed Yago
ESP Rhoads  

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