Christian Metal

Whereas the other genres presented here are defined by the music itself, Christian metal bands are listed as a genre based on their lyrical stance. Thus, there are Christian thrash bands (Tourniquet, Living Sacrifice), Christian doom bands (Paramaecium), Christian progressive bands (Veni Domine), and so on. Some Christian bands are preachy to the point of being obnoxious, while others are far more subtle in their approach. Stryper was one of the first bands to gain acceptance in the secular world (though just how "metal" they were is subject to debate), and then bands such as Barren Cross, Bloodgood and others came along, proving that real metal and spiritual lyrics could indeed coexist.

Antithesis Extol Sacrament
Atomic Opera Faith Factor Saint
Barren Cross Frost Like Ashes Sardonyx
Believer Immortal Souls Saviour Machine
Betrayal Kekal Seventh Angel
Bloodgood Leaderdogs Seventh Avenue
Bride Living Sacrifice Soul Embraced
Circle Of Dust Messiah Prophet Stryper
Crimson Thorn Mortification Tourniquet
The Crucified Neon Cross Troglodyte Dawn
Deliverance Oil Ultimatum
Demon Hunter Once Dead Underoath
Detritus Paramaecium Vengeance Rising
Die Happy P.O.D. Veni Domine
Divinefire Renascent Zao
Ethereal Scourge Sacred Warrior  

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