Hard Rock

In reality, the difference between "hard rock" and "heavy metal" is a fine line, and widely open to debate and interpretation. To these ears, hard rock really seems to be the more radio-friendly version, while heavy metal opts for a more sinister, darker sound. Practically every band in the so-called glam or hair genre probably slots in hard rock, and many debate about whether such bands are really metallic or not (the number of glam bands on this site gives a clue as to this author's opinion). Nonetheless, there were and are many bands not in the glam arena that are best described as hard rock, and many of them have sufficient crossover appeal to belong on a metal site.

220 Volt Guns'n'Roses Ride The Sky
AC/DC Gypsyhawk The Rods
Aerosmith Hall Aflame Rollins Band
Airbourne Harmful Rose Tattoo
Alcatrazz Hawk Royal Hunt
Alice Cooper Heaven Runestaff
AraPacis Helloise Sarcofagus
Atomic Opera Hologram Seduce
Avalanch I Mother Earth Sick Speed
Axxis Icri's Witch Skew Siskin
Badlands Keegan Skid Row
Battleaxe Keel Skrapp Mettle
Beowulf Killer Dwarfs Spread Eagle
Black Label Society King's X Stampede
Black Obelisk Kiss Statetrooper
Black Star Riders Krokus Stryper
Blacklace Led Zeppelin Symfonia
Blue Cheer Life, Sex & Death Talas
Blue Oyster Cult Machines Of Grace Taraxacum
Brain Surgeons Mad Max Thin Lizzy
Brand New Sin Madam X TKO
Brats Madison TNT
Chinawite M.A.R.S. Torok
Circle II Circle Masterplan T-Ride
Concerto Moon Max Havoc Trust
Dangerous Toys Messiah Prophet Twisted Sister
Darxon Michael Schenker Group Uriah Heep
Deep Purple Montrose Vanadium
Dokken Mountain Vandenberg
Doro Mox Nix Vanderhoof
Edwin Dare Narita Van Halen
Eric Steel Narnia Vertex
Erotic Liquid Culture Neurotica Viking Skull
Exises Ted Nugent Viva
EZO Odin Voodoo Circle
Faith And Fire Phantom Blue Warhorse
Fastway Pink Cream 69 Warrior
Fifth Angel Priestess Warrior Soul
Fisc Princess Pang W.A.S.P.
Fist Q5 Wet Animal
Freak Kitchen Quiet Riot Whitesnake
Gatlin Rail Wolfmother
Gillan Rainbow X Factor X
Girl Rata Blanca Y&T
Glory Bells Revolution Renaissance  
Granmax Rhoads  

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