Industrial music, in its earlier form, comprised of making music with non-musical instruments. Industrial metal takes this idea and furthers it, usually by complementing metal guitars with samples, external sound effects, and (often) heavily distorted/processed vocals. Ministry is an acknowledged pioneer in the field, and one of its disciples, Skrew, also deserves mention as a prime influence and soundalike for many bands in this genre. On the somewhat more mainstream side of this genre are bands such Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.

8thSin Head Of David Red Harvest
The Amenta Killing Joke Rorschach Test
American Head Charge The Kovenant Scorngrain
Atrocity Lard Shade Empire
The Axis Of Perdition Malhavoc Sielwolf
Bloodstar Malignant Eternal Skatenigs
Candiru Malmonde Skrew
Circle Of Dust M.A.N Society 1
Control Human Delete Marilyn Manson Spineflesh
Crawl Ministry Stabbing Westward
Dagoba Misery Loves Co. Strommoussheld
Deathstars Monster Voodoo Machine Terminus
Descent Nine Inch Nails Testify
Drown Noxtromo Thee Maldoror Kollective
Emigrate Pain Treponem Pal
Ensoph Pitbull Daycare Two
Generation Pitchshifter V:28
Godflesh Prophecy Violent Work Of Art
Godhead Psyclon Nine Virtigo
Hanzel Und Gretyl Puncture Zeni Geva
Havoc Unit Rammstein  

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