Power Metal

Once upon a time the term "power metal" was interchangeable with plain old heavy metal, with perhaps an emphasis on heavier riffing. In recent times, though, the term is most often used to describe the decidedly European style of metal, a style dominated by double-bass drumming, anthemic choruses, and speedy riffing. One originator of this style would have to be Helloween, whose early works such as Walls Of Jericho and Keeper Of The Seven Keys proved to be blueprints for the style. Another band worth mentioning is HammerFall, as they are often regarded as the band most responsible for the revival of the genre in 1997 when they debuted with Glory To The Brave.

Alestorm HammerFall Red Wine
Alkemyst Heavenly Revolution Renaissance
Alogia Heavens Gate Rhapsody Of Fire
Amaran Helloween Ride The Sky
Amoral Helstar Risk
Ancient Creation Holy Grail Rival
Angel Dust Holy Mother Ross The Boss
Angra Holyhell Running Wild
Antithesis Human Fortress Sabaton
Armory Ice Vinland Sacred Steel
Asperity Icarus Witch Satan's Host
At Vance InnerWish Savage Circus
Avantasia Iron Fire Scanner
Axxis Iron Savior Secrecy
Beautiful Sin Jacob's Dream Secret Sphere
Blind Guardian Kapel Maister Seventh Avenue
Brainstorm Kiuas Sex Machineguns
Burning Point Legend Maker ShadowKeep
Cain's Offering Lord Shaman
Celesty Lost Horizon Shining Fury
Cellador Luca Turilli's Rhapsody Silent Force
Chinchilla Machinae Supremacy Sinergy
Communic Manowar Sonata Arctica
Crusader Manticora Sons Of Liberty
Crystal Eyes Meduza Spiral Tower
Crystal Viper Mercury Tide Spirit Web
Custard Metalium Squealer
Cutty Sark Midnight Sun Steel Attack
Dark Moor Mob Rules StormHammer
Defender Moonlight Agony Stormwarrior
Delian League Morgana Lefay Stormwind
Demons & Wizards Morifade The Storyteller
Destroy Destroy Destroy Mystery Blue Stratovarius
Dionysus Mystic Force Stygma IV
Divercia Mystic Prophecy Symfonia
Divinefire Nameless Crime Symphorce
Domine New Eden Syris
DoomSword Nightmare Thunderstone
DragonForce Nightwish Thy Majestie
Dragonland Nocturnal Rites Tierra Santa
Dragony Nostradameus Tragedy Divine
Dream Evil Olympos Mons Twelfth Gate
Dreamaker Onward Twilightning
Dungeon Oracle U.D.O.
Dyecrest Orden Ogan Vhaldemar
Edguy Order Of Nine Viperine
Enola Gay Paragon Virgin Steele
Evergrey Pegazus Vision Divine
Fairyland Axel Rudi Pell Vyndykator
Falconer Persuader Warcry
Firewind Power Quest White Skull
Force Of Evil Power Symphony Winterlong
Forgotten Realm Powerwolf Wisdom
Forgotten Tales PowerWorld Wizard
Freedom Call Primal Fear X-Wild
Galneryus Pyramaze X-World/5
Gamma Ray Rage Zero Option
Godiva Raintime Zonata
Gothic Knights Rawhead Rexx  
Grave Digger Rebellion  

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