Stoner Rock

Also occasionally referred to as desert rock/metal, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what the name "stoner rock" refers to, though whether or not it's an appropriate term or not is another matter. Bands in the genre focus on 70's rock/metal influences and a psychedelic edge. The single band most often noted as an influence or soundalike to others in this field is unquestionably Kyuss, who in their relatively short career basically invented the genre, though bands such as Monster Magnet and Fu Manchu deserve a mention as well.

7Zuma7 Grand Magus Red Fang
Abdullah Graveyard Roachpowder
Acid King The Graviators Sheavy
Across Tundras Hangnail Sixty Watt Shaman
Alabama Thunderpussy Hermano Sleep
Allhelluja Kalas Slo Burn
Astroqueen Karma To Burn Slowtorch
The Atomic Bitchwax Kyuss Solace
The Awesome Machine Life Beyond Solarized
Barn Burner Lonely Kamel Sons Of Otis
Black Debbath Mannhai Southfork
The Black League Midnite Snake Spiritual Beggars
Blind Dog Monster Magnet Subrosa
Bottom Mushroom River Band Terra Firma
Brutus Mustasch Thulsa Doom
Burbujeria Naevus Tia Carrera
Caldera Natas Ufomammut
Celestial Season Nebula Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
Danava Om Unida
Eternal Elysium Orange Goblin Vista Chino
Fireball Ministry Priestess We
Firebird Queens Of The Stone Age Wino
Fu Manchu The Quill Zebulon
Goat Horn Red Aim Zebulon Pike

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