Gothic Metal

Gothic metal bands tend to write songs with a slightly more orchestral feel to them, frequently with pronounced keyboard/piano interplay and occasionally other instruments such as violins making appearances. Often the vocal style of such bands is a dead giveaway, with either choirs or the so-called "beauty and the beast" style (a male, growling vocalist paired with a more angelic female voice) often employed. The vast majority of bands who feature a female lead vocalist (excepting the rare female extreme metal vocalists such as Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy and Karyn Crisis of Crisis) are usually considered gothic metal bands. Theatre Of Tragedy, in their early years, was a prime example of this style (though they have transformed into quite a different style now), with bands such as Tristania and The Gathering also releasing prototypical gothic metal albums at least at some point in their careers.

The Aerium Enid Penumbra
After Forever Entwined The Provenance
Alas Epica Rain Fell Within
Artrosis Eternal Deformity ReVamp
As Divine Grace Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Satyrian
Asrai Evensong Saviour Machine
Asterius EverEve Sentenced
Avec Tristesse Eyes Of Eden Septicflesh
Battlelore Flowing Tears Septic Flesh
Before The Dawn Forest Stream Shadows Dance
The Blood Divine Galadriel Silentium
Cadaveria Golden Dawn The Sins Of Thy Beloved
Carnarium Havayoth Sirenia
Catafalque Heavenwood Sirrah
Cemetary In Mourning Slumber
Cemetary 1213 Interitus Dei Somnus
Chalice Lacrimas Profundere Theatre Of Tragedy
Crematory Lake Of Tears Tower
Cultus Sanguine Leaves' Eyes Trail Of Tears
Darkwell Macbeth Tristania
Darzamat Madder Mortem Valkyria
Dawn Of Solace Mental Home Via Mistica
Delain Midnattsol Virgin Black
Desdemona Moonlyght The Vision Bleak
Draconian Mortemia Within Temptation
Eisheilig Nightfall Without Face
Elegeion Oceans Of Sadness Xandria
Elis Octavia Sperati  
Endless Paradise Lost  

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