Melodic Death Metal

A second form of death metal is the so-called Gothenburg style, named for the Swedish city where innovators such as Dark Tranquillity and In Flames reside. Here, the vocal style is harsh like normal death metal but the musical style is much more melodic, often bringing to mind a more aggressive Iron Maiden.

A Canorous Quintet Dethklok Mercenary
Ablaze My Sorrow Detonation The Moebius Curve
The Absence Dies Irae Mors Principium Est
Allegaeon Dimension Zero Nail Within
Amon Amarth Disarmonia Mundi Night In Gales
Amon Din Dissection Nightrage
Amoral Divine Souls Old Man's Child
Arch Enemy The Duskfall Pain Confessor
Archeon Ebony Tears Pathogen
Armageddon Edge Of Sanity Persefone
Arsis Enforsaken Scar Symmetry
At The Gates Engel Scar The Martyr
Autumn Leaves Eucharist Shadow
Avatar Fall Of The Leafe Sinning Is Our Savior
Barren Earth Fear My Thoughts Slowmotion Apocalypse
Battlecross Fragments Of Unbecoming Soilwork
Be'lakor Gardenian Solar Dawn
Beyond The Embrace Gates Of Ishtar Solution .45
Black Dahlia Murder Haunt Of Jackals Summer Dying
Bolthard Heaven Shall Burn Thine Eyes Bleed
Buried Dreams Herod This Ending
Callenish Circle Immortal Souls Unanimated
Cerberus In Flames Vornagar
Ceremonial Oath In Thy Dreams Warblade
Chain Collector Infernal Method With Passion
Cryhavoc Insomnium Within Y
Dark Age Julie Laughs Nomore Without Grief
Dark Lunacy Kaliyuga Wolfheart
Dark Tranquillity Kingdom Of Sorrow Zonaria
Dawn Of Relic Lyzanxia  
Deadlock Made Of Hate  

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