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Black Mark is best known as the label for Bathory, which stands to reason as Quorthon's own dad runs the label. But the label also dominated Swedish metal for years, with signings such as Edge Of Sanity, Lake Of Tears, Cemetary, and others, and remains a vibrant force today.

Catalog of Black Mark Records:

Catalog # Band Album
666-1 Bathory Bathory
666-2 Bathory The Return
666-3 Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark
666-4 Bathory Blood Fire Death
666-5 Bathory Hammerheart
666-6 Bathory Twilight Of The Gods
666-7 Bathory Jubelium Volume I
666-8 Bathory Jubelium Volume II
666-10 Bathory Requiem
666-11 Bathory Octagon
666-12 Bathory Blood On Ice
666-13 Quorthon Purity Of Essence
666-15 Bathory Destroyer Of Worlds
666-16 Bathory Jubelium Volume III
666-18 Bathory Nordland I
666-19 Bathory Nordland II
10 Edge Of Sanity Nothing But Death Remains
11 Oz Roll The Dice
12 Invocator Excursion Demise
13 Stone Emotional Playground
14 Airdash Both Ends Of The Path
16 Tribulation Clown Of Thorns
17 Seance Fornever Laid To Rest
18 Edge Of Sanity Unorthodox
19 Red Harvest Nomindsland
21 Necrosanct Incarnate
22 Nasty Idols Cruel Intention
23 Agressor (EP) Satan's Sodomy
24 Boghandle Step On It
25 Rosicrucian Silence
27 Fleshcrawl Descend Into The Absurd
28 Morgana Lefay Knowing Just As I
29 Leukemia Suck My Heaven
30 Overload Difference Of Opinion
31 Indian Red You Can't Do ...
32 Memento Mori Rhymes Of Lunacy
33 Cemetary Godless Beauty
34 Invocator Weave The Apocalypse
35 Necrosanct Desolate
37 Edge Of Sanity The Spectral Sorrows
38 Stone Free!
40 Necrophobic The Nocturnal Silence
41 Keen Hue Juicy Fruit Lucy
42 Morgana Lefay Secret Doctrine
43 Tad Morose Leaving The Past Behind
44 Seance Saltrubbed Eyes
45 Necrosis Acta Sanctorum
46 Scum Mother Nature
47 Furbowl The Autumn Years
48 Fleshcrawl Impurity
49 Lake Of Tears Greater Art
51 Memento Mori Life, Death, And Other Morbid Tales
52 Noble Riot The Real Lust For Life
53 Thundersteel Thundersteel
54 Anesthesy Exaltation Of The Eclipse
55 Agressor Medieval Rites
57 Rosicrucian No Cause For Celebration
58 Edge Of Sanity (EP) Until Eternity Ends
59 Cemetary Black Vanity
60 Necrophobic Spawned By Evil
61 Edge Of Sanity Purgatory Afterglow
62 Tad Morose Sender Of Thoughts
63 Morgana Lefay Sanctified
66 Nightingale The Breathing Shadow
67 Gomorrah Reflections ...
68 Edge Of Sanity Crimson
69 Heads Or Tales Eternity Becomes A Lie
70 Cemetary Sundown
71 Memento Mori La Danse Macabre
72 Lake Of Tears Headstones
82 Scum Purple Dreams
83 Divine Sin Winterland
84 Morgana Lefay Past Present Future
85 Tad Morose Paradigma
86 Morgana Lefay Maleficium
87 Tad Morose A Mended Rhyme
88 Fleshcrawl Bloodsoul
90 Nightingale The Closing Chronicles
95 V/A Black Mark Attack I
96 Necrophobic Darkside
97 Lake Of Tears A Crimson Cosmos
98 Hexenhaus Dejavoodoo
99 Soulquake System Angry By Nature Ugly By Choice
101 Corporal Punishment Stonefield
103 Auberon The Tale Of Black
108 Edge Of Sanity Infernal
111 Cemetary Last Confession
112 Oz Fire In The Brain
114 V/A Scandinavian Metal Attack
115 V/A Scandinavian Metal Attack II
117 V/A A Black Mark Tribute
121 Divine Sin Thirteen Souls
122 Fleshcrawl Bloodred Massacre
123 Pathos Hoverface
124 Memento Mori Songs For The Apocalypse, Vol. 4
125 Edge Of Sanity Cryptic
126 Soulquake System Firm Statement
127 World Of Silence Mindscapes
128 Morgana Lefay Fata Morgana
129 Moontower
131 Crimson Midwinter Random Chaos
132 Lake Of Tears Forever Autumn
133 Lothlorien The Primal Event
135 Nightingale I
136 Cemetary Sweetest Tragedies
140 Edge Of Sanity Crimson II
141 Southfork Southfork
147 Morgana Lefay Morgana Lefay
153 Lake Of Tears The Neonai
154 Tad Morose Reflections
165 Nightingale Alive Again
168 Edge Of Sanity When All Is Said - The Best Of Edge Of Sanity
169 Apostasy Cell 666
170 Cemetary Phantasma
172 Nightingale Invisible
178 Apostasy Devilution
186 Edge Of Sanity When All Is Said

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