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High Roller albums featured on these pages:

Band Album
Aktor Paranoia
Beehler Messages To The Dead
Blitzkrieg The Boys From Brazil Street: 1981 Revisited
Burning Starr Stand Your Ground
Chariot Behind The Wire
Cloven Hoof Resist Or Serve
  Who Mourns For THe Morning Star?
Demon Pact Released From Hell
Dissection Live Rebirth
Deep Machine (EP) Deep Machine
  (EP) Whispers In The Black
  Rise Of The Machine
Exumer Fire Before Possession - The Lost Tapes
Gaskin (EP) The Contract
  Edge Of Madness
Hexx Wrath Of The Reaper
High Spirits Motivator
Hellbringer Dominion Of Darkness
Hellwell Behind The Demon's Eyes
Hobbs Angel Of Death Heaven Bled
Holocaust Inside The Power Cage
Infernal Majesty No God
In Solitude In Solitude
  (EP) 7th Ghost
Iron Angel Legions Of Evil
Jaguar Opening The Enclosure
The Levitation Hex The Levitation Hex
Manilla Road After Midnight Live
  Dreams Of Eschaton
Nuclear Assault Atomic Waste: Demos & Rehearsals
Pentagram If The Winds Could Change
Protector Reanimated Homunculus
  Cursed And Coronated
Quartz Fear No Evil
Slaughter Not Dead Yet
Sonic Ritual (EP) Mother Hearse
Steel Assassin In Hellfire Forged
  WWII: Metal Of Honor
Savage Master (EP) Black Hooves
  With Whips And Chains
Tankard Alcoholic Metal
Tokyo Blade Genghis Khan Killers
Trouble Victim Of The Insane - Demos/Rarities 2
  Revelations (Life Or Death) - Demos/Rarities 1
  Live 1983
Tytan Justice: Served!
Volture On The Edge
White Spirit 21 Grams
While Heaven Wept Lovesongs Of The Forsaken

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