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During their run from 1989 to 1996, Hellhound Records, based in Germany, was the prototypical indie doom label. Though based in Germany, the majority of their best-known acts came not from Germany or even Europe, but from the Maryland/DC area of the US, where a thriving doom scene is alive still today. From that area, Hellhound signed bands such as Internal Void, Revelation, Unorthodox, Wretched, and others, solid doom bands through and through. Noise picked up some of their later releases after the label went out of business.

Catalog of Hellhound Records:

Catalog # Band Album
001 Eddie Dixon Relentless
002 Jingo De Lunch Axe To Grind
003 Scarlet Red Alert
004 God BC God BC
005 St. Vitus V
006 Toxic Reasons Anything For Money
007 Lazy Cowgirls How It Looks, How It Is
008 The Obsessed The Obsessed
009 Count Raven Storm Warning
010 St. Vitus Live
011 Hyste'riah GBC Snakeworld
012 Angelus Kneel Down And Pray
013 Pigmy Love Circus Drink Free Forever!
014 V/A What The Hell
015 The Obsessed Lunar Womb
016 Pigmy Love Circus When Clowns Become Kings
017 St. Vitus C.O.D.
018 Internal Void Standing On The Sun
019 Count Raven High On Infinity
020 Revelation Never Comes Silence
021 Unorthodox Asylum
022 Iron Man Black Night
023 Lost Breed The Evil In You And Me
024 Wretched Life Out There
025 Buzzard Churp!!!
026 Count Raven Destruction Of The Void
027 Year Zero Nihil's Flame
028 Vortex Of Insanity Social Decay
029 The Obsessed The Church Within
030 Unorthodox Balance Of Power
031 Wretched Psychosomatic Medicine
032 V/A Hellhound Compilation
033 Lost Breed Save Yourself
034 Iron Man The Passage
035 St. Vitus Die Healing
036 Revelation ... Yet So Far
037 Blood Farmers Blood Farmers
038 Year Zero Creation
039 Hundred Years Hundred Years
040 It Is I Evolve
041 Wretched Center Of The Universe
042 Count Raven Messiah Of Confusion

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