Listenable Records

One of the more prolific French labels, Listenable seems to slant toward the more extreme end of metal, with signings both from Europe and abroad.

Listenable albums featured on these pages:

Band Album
Aborted Engineering The Dead
  Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done
  (EP) The Haematobic EP
  The Archaic Abattoir
Abscess Tormented
Acheron Kult Des Hasses
Amaran A World Depraved
  Pristine In Bondage
The Amenta Occasus
  (EP) Chokehold
  (EP) Teeth
  Flesh Is Heir
Ancient Svartalvheim
Angtoria God Has A Plan For Us All
Anorexia Nervosa The September EP
Coldworker The Doomsayer's Call
Crest Of Darkness The Ogress
  Project Regeneration
Gardenian Two Feet Stand
Gojira From Mars To Sirius
  The Way Of All Flesh
Gorod A Perfect Absolution
  A Maze Of Recycled Creeds
Heavenwood Abyss Masterpiece
Immolation Unholy Cult
  Bringing Down The World
  Harnessing Ruin
  Shadows In The Light
Incantation Primordial Domination
  Vanquish In Vengeance
  Dirges Of Elysium
Izegrim Code Of Consequences
  Congress Of The Insane
  The Ferryman's End
Kayser Read Your Enemy
Katana Storms Of War
The Legion Unseen To Creation
  A Bliss To Suffer
Loudblast Burial Ground
Lock Up Demonization
Lyzanxia UNSU
Moonloop Deeply From The Earth
Mors Principium Est Inhumanity
  The Unborn
  Liberation = Termination
Mutant The Aeonic Majesty
Nail Within Nail Within
Non-Human Level Non-Human Level
Night Demon Darkness Remains
New Keepers Of The Water Towers Cosmic Child
  Infernal Machine
No Return Self Mutilation
Panzerchrist Regiment Ragnarok
  7th Offensive
Satan Life Sentence
  Atom By Atom
Scarve Luminiferous
  The Undercurrent
Speed Kill Hate Acts Of Insanity
Soilwork Steel Bath Suicide
  The Chainheart Machine
  The Early Chapters
Serpentcult Raised By Wolves
Symbyosis (EP) The Fluid
Textures Polars
  Drawing Circles
Theory In Practice The Armageddon Theories
  Colonizing The Sun
Treponem Pal Weird Machine
Vile Depopulate
  The New Age Of Chaos
Waylander Honour Amongst Chaos
  Kindred Spirits
Zonaria Arrival Of The Red Sun

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