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Metal Blade Records is one of the hallmarks of the indie metal scene. The Los Angeles-based label was founded in the early 80's by Brian Slagel, at least in part as a vehicle to record something by a favorite band of his, the then-unknown Metallica. And so the Metal Massacre series was born, unquestionably the best unsigned metal band compilation series ever, with the list of bands first recording on a Metal Massacre album reading as a Who's Who of 80's metal: Fates Warning, Slayer, Voivod, Armored Saint, the list goes on and on. Metal Blade Records itself, of course, signed several of these bands and flourished as a result, eventually becoming a worldwide entity it is today, in fact its European signings are now the backbone of the label.

Catalog of Metal Blade Records:

Catalog # Band Album
MBR 1001 V/A Metal Massacre
MBR 1002 Bitch (EP) Damnation Alley
MBR 1003 Demon Flight (EP) Dead Of The Night
MBR 1004 V/A Metal Massacre II
MBR 1004 Warlord Deliver Us
MBR 1006 Savage Grace (EP) The Dominatress
MBR 1007 Bitch Be My Slave
MBR 1008 V/A Metal Massacre III
MBR 1009 Armored Saint (EP) Armored Saint
MBR 1010 Obsession (EP) Marshall Law
MBR 1011 Witchkiller (EP) Day Of The Saxons
MBR 1012 V/A Metal Massacre IV
MBR 1013 Slayer Show No Mercy
MBR 1014 Pandemonium Heavy Metal Soldiers
MBR 1015 3rd Stage Alert (EP) 3rd Stage Alert
MBR 1016 Satan Court In The Act
MBR 1017 Silver Mountain Shakin' Brains
MBR 1018 Trouble Assassin 12"
MBR 1019 Trouble Psalm 9
MBR 1020 Lizzy Borden (EP) Give 'Em The Axe
MBR 1021 V/A Metal Massacre V
MBR 1022 V/A Total Destruction
MBR 1023 Warlord Lost And Lonely Days / Aliens
MBR 1024 Slayer (EP) Haunting The Chapel
MBR 1025 Fates Warning The Spectre Within
MBR 1026 Voivod War And Pain
MBR 1027 Omen Battle Cry
MBR 1028 Hellhammer (EP) Apocalyptic Raids
MBR 1029 Warlord And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun
MBR 1030 Mad Max Rollin' Thunder
MBR 1031 Dark Heart Shadows Of The Night
MBR 1032 Thrust Fist Held High
MBR 1033 Celtic Frost Morbid Tales
MBR 1034 Attacker Battle At Helms Deep
MBR 1035 Sye Turn On The Fire
MBR 1036 V/A Metal Massacre VI
MBR 1037 Slayer (EP) Live Undead
MBR 1038 Tyrant Legions Of The Dead
MBR 1039 Destruction (EP) Sentence Of Death
MBR 1040 Slayer Hell Awaits
MBR 1041 Trouble The Skull
MBR 1042 Hallows Eve Death And Insanity
MBR 1043 Lizzy Borden Love You To Pieces
MBR 1044 Sodom (EP) In The Sign Of Evil
MBR 1045 Hirax Raging Violence
MBR 1046 Nasty Savage Nasty Savage
MBR 1048 Celtic Frost (EP) Emperor's Return
MBR 1049 Mark Edwards Code Of Honor
MBR 1051 Fates Warning The Spectre Within
MBR 1052 Pandemonium Hole In The Sky
MBR 1053 Cryptic Slaughter Convicted
MBR 1054 V/A Metal Massacre VII
MBR 1055 Bloodlust Guilty As Sin
MBR 1056 Predator Easy Prey
MBR 1057 Sound Barrier Speed Of Light
MBR 1058 Juggernaut Baptism Under Fire
MBR 1059 Sentinel Beast Depths Of Death
MBR 1060 Lizzy Borden (EP) Give 'Em The Axe
MBR 1061 V/A Best Of Metal Blade Volume 1
MBR 1062 Cirith Ungol King Of The Dead
MBR 1063 Flotsam & Jetsam Doomsday For The Deceiver
MBR 1066 Deaf Dealer Keeper Of The Flame
MBR 1068 Detente Recognize No Authority
MBR 1069 Krank Hideous
MBR 1070 Hallows Eve Death And Insanity
MBR 1071 Exxplorer Symphonies Of Steel
MBR 1072 Warlord Thy Kingdom Come
MBR 1073 Sodom Obsessed By Cruelty
MBR 1074 Destruction Eternal Devastation
MBR 1075 Savage Grace After The Fall From Grace
MBR 1076 Hirax Hate, Fear And Power
MBR 1077 V/A Speed Metal
MBR 1079 Cities Annihilation Absolute
MBR 1080 Heretic (EP) Torture Knows No Boundaries
MBR 1081 V/A Metal Massacre VIII

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