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Catalog of Noise Records:

Catalog # Band Album
N 0003 V/A Rock From Hell
N 0004 Rated X Rock Blooded
N 0006 V/A Death Metal
N 0007 Grave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown
N 0008 Hellhammer (EP) Apocalyptic Raids
N 0009 St. Vitus St. Vitus
N 0012 Running Wild Gates To Purgatory
N 0013 Sinner Wild 'n Evil
N 0017 Celtic Frost Morbid Tales
N 0018 Ballantinez Charged
N 0019 Warrant (EP) First Strike
N 0020 Grave Digger Witch Hunter
N 0021 Helloween (EP) Helloween
N 0022 V/A Metal Attack Vol. 1
N 0023 Warrant The Enforcer
N 0024 Celtic Frost (EP) Emperor's Return
N 0025 Kreator Endless Pain
N 0026 Sinner Fast Decision
N 0027 Tyran Pace Long Live Metal
N 0030 Running Wild Branded And Exiled
N 0031 Celtic Frost To Mega Therion
N 0032 Helloween Walls Of Jericho
N 0033 Rosy Vista You Better Believe It
N 0034 Grave Digger War Games
N 0037 Kreator Pleasure To Kill
N 0038 Rage Reign Of Fear
N 0040 Voivod Rrroooaaarrr
N 0041 Celtic Frost (EP Tragic Serenades
N 0044 Deathrow Riders Of Doom
N 0046 Tankard Zombie Attack
N 0047 Kreator (EP) Flag Of Hate
N 0049 Sinner Danger Zone
N 0051 Faithful Breath Live
N 0052 Digger Stronger Than Ever
N 0054 Asgard In The Ancient Days
N 0055 Tyran Pace Watching You
N 0057 Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I
N 0058 Voivod Killing Technology
N 0065 Running Wild Under Jolly Roger
N 0067 Celtic Frost Into The Pandemonium
N 0069 Overkill Taking Over
N 0073 Rage Execution Guaranteed
N 0075 Coroner R.I.P.
N 0081 Deathrow Raging Steel
N 0083 Hellhammer (EP) Apocalyptic Raids
N 0089 M.O.D. USA
N 0094 Celtic Frost I Won't Dance
N 0096 Tankard Chemical Invasion
N 0099 Sabbat History Of A Time To Come
N 0100 Kreator Terrible Certainty
N 0102 Vendetta Go And Live, Stay And Die
N 0105 V/A Doomsday News
N 0106 Voivod Dimension Hatross
N 0108 Running Wild Ready For Boarding
N 0111 Scanner Hypertrace
N 0112 Rage Perfect Man
N 0113 Turbo Last Warrior
N 0114 V2 V2
N 0116 Running Wild (EP) Bad To The Bone
N 0117 Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II
N 0119 Coroner Punishment For Decadence
N 0120 Helter Skelter Welcome ...
N 0121 Vendetta Brain Damage
N 0122 Running Wild Port Royal
N 0123 Tankard The Morning After
N 0124 Deathrow Deception Ignored
N 0125 Celtic Frost Cold Lake
N 0126 Destruction Live Without Sense
N 0127 Mania Wizard Of The Lost Kingdom
N 0128 Midas Touch Presage Of Disaster
N 0129 Kreator Extreme Aggression
N 0131 Tankard (EP) Alien
N 0132 Sabbat Dreamweavers
N 0133 M.O.D. Gross
N 0135 Mordred Fool's Game
N 0136 Destruction Cracked Brain
N 0136 Rage (EP) Invisible Horizons
N 0137 Rage Secrets In A Weird World
N 0138 Coroner No More Color
N 0139 Mania Changing Times
N 0140 Watchtower Control And Resistance
N 0141 Scanner Terminal Earth
N 0143 London Playa Del Rock
N 0146 Lanadrid Sister Alley
N 0149 D.A.M. Human Wreckage
N 0150 Tankard
N 0151 Gamma Ray Heading For Tomorrow
N 0151 Gamma Ray (EP) Heaven Can Wait
N 0152 Dave Sharman 1990
N 0153 Bathory Hammerheart
N 0155 V/A Doomsday News III
N 0156 Tankard The Meaning Of Life
N 0157 Secrecy Art In Motion
N 0158 Kreator Coma Of Souls
N 0159 Mordred In This Life
N 0160 Rage Reflections Of A Shadow
N 0161 ADX Weird Visions
N 0162 Sabbat Mourning Has Broken
N 0163 Skyclad Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth
N 0164 D.A.M. Inside Out
N 0165 Grinder Nothing Is Sacred
N 0166 Tankard Fat, Ugly And Live
N 0168 Lemming Project Extinction
N 0169 Rage (EP) Extended Power
N 0171 Running Wild Blazon Stone
N 0172 Running Wild Death Or Glory
N 0173 Running Wild (EP) Wild Animal
N 0177 Coroner Mental Vortex
N 0178 Gamma Ray Sigh No More
N 0181 Naked Sun Naked Sun
N 0182 Secrecy Raging Romance
N 0183 Messiah Choir Of Horrors
N 0184 Running Wild The First Years Of Piracy
N 0185 Dave Sharman Exit Within
N 0186 Skyclad A Burnt Offering For The Bone Idol
N 0181 Fleischmann Power Of Limits
N 0188 Mordred (EP) Visions
N 0189 Rage Trapped!
N 0190 Tankard Stone Cold Sober
N 0191 Celtic Frost Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying
N 0192 Exciter Kill After Kill
N 0193 Kreator Renewal
N 0194 Skyclad (EP) Tracks From The Wilderness
N 0197 Lemming Project Hate And Despise
N 0199 Celtic Frost Vanity/Nemesis
N 0200 Kreator (EP) Out Of The Dark ... Into The Light
N 0202 Rage (EP) Beyond The Wall
N 0203 Gamma Ray Insanity And Genius
N 0204 Fleischmann Fleischwolf
N 0205 Crusher Corporal Punishment
N 0206 Burning Heads Burning Heads
N 0209 Skyclad Jonah's Ark
N 0210 Coroner Grin
N 0211 Mordred The Next Room
N 0212 Coroner Coroner
N 0213 Helicon Helicon
N 0215 Juggernaut Black Pagoda
N 0217 Rage The Missing Link
N 0218 Conception Parallel Minds
N 0219 Rage Ten Years In Rage
N 0222 Kreator Scenarios Of Violence
N 0226 Kamelot Eternity
N 0227 Gamma Ray Land Of The Free
N 0228 Skyclad The Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea
N 0229 Conception In Your Multitude
N 0205 Crusher Act II: Undermine
N 0232 Conception The Last Sunset
N 0233 Tankard Two-Faced
N 0234 Grave Digger Best Of The Eighties
N 0235 Sinner Germany Rocks - The Best Of
N 0239 Skyclad Prince Of The Poverty Line
N 0241 Gunja Manic Aggression
N 0244 Messiah Underground
N 0249 Shihad Churn
N 0254 Shihad Killjoy
N 0261 Running Wild Masquerade
N 0262 Gamma Ray (EP) Silent Miracles
N 0265 Gamma Ray Alive '95
N 0269 Shihad Shihad
N 0272 Kamelot Dominion
N 0274 Conception Flow
N 0278 Mercury Rising Upon Deaf Ears
N 0283 Gamma Ray Somewhere Out In Space
N 0286 Iron Savior Iron Savior
N 0290 Pissing Razors Psycho Punko Metal Groove
N 0292 Mercury Rising Building Rome
N 0296 Iron Savior Unification
N 0297 Kamelot Siege Perilous
N 0306 Symphorce Truth To Promises
N 0310 Gamma Ray Powerplant
N 0311 Pissing Razors Pissing Razors
N 0316 Iron Savior Interlude
N 0323 Kamelot The Fourth Legacy
N 0332 Gamma Ray Blast From The Past
N 0334 Symphorce Sinctuary
N 0336 Pissing Razors Cast Down The Plague
N 0337 Iron Savior Dark Assault
N 0338 Kamelot The Expedition
N 0345 Kamelot Karma
N 0350 Seven Witches Xiled To Infinity And One
N 0361 Iron Savior Condition Red
N 0377 Kamelot Epica
N 0529 Tankard The Tankard
N 0154 Agressor Neverending Destiny
. Gamma Ray No World Order
. Helloween Live In The U.K.
. Iron Fire Thunderstorm
. Iron Fire On The Edge
. Pentagram Unspoken
. Rage (EP) Refuge
. Skyclad (EP) Thinking Allowed
. Skyclad Old Rope
. Superior Younique
. Tragedy Divine Visions Of Power
. Treasure Land Questions
. Treasure Land Gateway
. Virgin Steele The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell I
. Virgin Steele The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell II
. Virgin Steele Invictus
. Virgin Steele The House Of Atreus Act I
. Virgin Steele (EP) Magick Fire Music
. Virgin Steele The House Of Atreus Act II
. Virgin Steele The Book Of Burning
. Virgin Steele Hymns To Victory (compilation)

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