Southern Lord Records

Based in Los Angeles, Southern Lord deals in the world of drone, doom, and sludge metal. The label was founded by Greg Anderson, of Goatsnake among other bands.

Southern Lord albums featured on these pages:

Band Album
The Accused The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead
Black Cobra Chronomega
Burning Witch Crippled Lucifer
  Box Set
Church Of Misery Master Of Brutality
Earthride Taming Of The Demons
  Vampire Circus
Goatsnake (EP) Dog Days
  (EP) Trampled Under Hoof
  1 & Dog Days
  Black Age Blues
Grief Turbulent Times
The Hidden Hand Mother Teacher Destroyer
  Devoid Of Color (EP + DVD)
  THe Resurrection Of Whiskey Foote
Internal Void Unearthed
Khanate Khanate
  Things Viral
Lair Of The Minotaur Carnage
  (EP) Cannibal Massacre
  The Ultimate Destroyer
  War Metal Battle Master
  War Metal Battle Master
  Evil Power
The Obsessed Incarnate
Om The Pilgrimage
  Live At Jerusalem
Pelican (EP) Ephemeral
  What We All Come To Need
  (EP) Ataraxia/Taraxis
  Forever Becoming
Place Of Skulls Nailed
  With Vision
Probot Probot
Sourvein Will To Mangle
Sunn O))) Flight Of The Behemoth
  WHite 2
  Black One
  La Mort Noir Dans Esch/Alzette
Wino Punctuated Equilibrium
Warhorse As Heaven Turns To Ash
Wolves In The Throne Room Two Hunters
  (EP) Malevolent Grain
  Black Cascade
  Celestial Lineage
  (EP) BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini
Earth Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method
  Live Europe 2006
  (EP) Hibernaculum
  Radio Earth
  The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
  Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I
  Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II
  Primitve & Deadly
Power Trip Manifest Decimation

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