Upcoming Releases

The following is a listing of upcoming releases for bands featured on the BNR pages. The information has been gathered from various sources (mostly Blabbermouth and blogs from the bands themselves), and by no means is guaranteed to be accurate, as I have no inside knowledge about these releases. I simply list these as an aid to myself for maintaining the site, as well as hopefully providing information to others. If you have reliable information about an upcoming release, let me know.

February 2015

Feb 12 Rotting Christ A Rituals

September 2015

Sep 18 Skepticism A Ordeal

October 2015

Oct 30 Opeth C Deliverance & Damnation

November 2015

Nov 20 Paradise Lost L Symphony Of The Lost
Nov 20 Hatesphere A New Hell
Nov 20 Solution .45 A Nightmares In The Waking State - Part I
Nov 27 Penumbra A Era 4.0
Nov 30 Def Leppard A Def Leppard
Swallow The Sun A Songs From The North I, II & III

Fall 2015

Into Eternity A Sirens

December 2015

Dec 4 Secrets Of The Moon A Sun
Dec 9 Galneryus A Under The Force Of Courage
Dec 18 Baroness A Purple

Late 2015

Omen A Hammer Damage
Jess And The Ancient Ones A Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes
Tank (Algy Ward version) A Sturmpanzer

January 2016

Jan 8 Cauldron A In Ruin
Jan 15 Witchcraft A Nucleus
Jan 15 Axel Rudi Pell A Game Of Sins
Jan 22 Borknagar A Winter Thrice
Jan 22 Megadeth A Dystopia
Jan 29 Avantasia A Ghostlights
Jan 29 Serenity A Codex Atlanticus
Jan 29 Primal Fear A Rulebreaker
Rhapsody Of Fire A Into The Legend

February 2016

Feb 5 Textures A Phenotype
Feb 5 Prong A X - No Absolutes
Feb 5 Obscura A Akroasis

Early 2016

Blood Feast A The Future State Of Wicked
Vektor A Terminal Redux
Dream Theater A The Astonishing

March 2016

Mar 4 Beseech A My Darkness, Darkness
Killswitch Engage A untitled
Anthrax A FOr All Kings

Early 2017

Textures A Genotype

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