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The following is a listing of upcoming releases for bands featured on the BNR pages. The information has been gathered from various sources (mostly Blabbermouth and blogs from the bands themselves), and by no means is guaranteed to be accurate, as I have no inside knowledge about these releases. I simply list these as an aid to myself for maintaining the site, as well as hopefully providing information to others. If you have reliable information about an upcoming release, let me know.

May 2015

May 1 Satyricon L Live At The Opera
May 5 Six Feet Under A Crypt Of The Devil
May 5 Kamelot A Haven
May 5 Korpiklaani A Noita
May 8 Arcturus A Arcturian
May 19 Ironsword A None But The Brave
May 19 Faith No More A Sol Invictus
May 19 Coal Chamber A Rivals
May 22 Pyramaze A Disciples Of The Sun
May 29 Iron Savior L Live At The Final Frontier
May 29 Helloween A My God-Given Right

June 2015

Jun 2 Paradise Lost A The Plague Within
Jun 2 Goatsnake A Black Age Blues
Jun 2 Armored Saint A Win Hands Down
Jun 8 Gorgoroth A Instinctus Bestialis
Jun 9 Disarmonia Mundi A Cold Inferno
Jun 12 Burning Point A Burning Point
Jun 13 Skepticism A Ordeal
Jun 15 Shape Of Despair A Monotony Fields
Jun 17 Pro-Pain A Voice Of Rebellion
Jun 19 Graveworm A Ascending Hate
Jun 19 Luca Turilli's Rhapsody A Prometheus - Symphonia Ignis Divinus
Jun 23 High On Fire A Luminiferous
Jun 30 Dew-Scented A Intermination

July 2015

Jul 7 Between The Buried And Me A Coma Ecliptic
Jul 31 Kataklysm A Of Ghosts And Gods
Powerwolf A Blessed & Possessed
Cradle Of Filth A Hammer Of The Witches

August 2015

Aug 1 Kekal A Multilateral
Aug 14 Stratovarius A Eternal
W.A.S.P. A Golgotha

Summer 2015

Girlschool A Guilty As Sin

September 2015

Sep 18 Tank A Valley Of Tears
Mustasch A Testosterone
Riverside A Love, Fear And The Time Machine

Late 2015

Malevolent Creation A Dead Man's Path
Virgin Steele A Hymns To Damnation
Omen A Hammer Damage
Chastain A We Bleed Metal

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