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The following is a listing of upcoming releases for bands featured on the BNR pages. The information has been gathered from various sources (mostly Blabbermouth and blogs from the bands themselves), and by no means is guaranteed to be accurate, as I have no inside knowledge about these releases. I simply list these as an aid to myself for maintaining the site, as well as hopefully providing information to others. If you have reliable information about an upcoming release, let me know.

September 2014

Sep 12 Subterranean Masquerade The Great Bazaar
Sep 16 Redemption Live From The Pit
Sep 19 Threshold For The Journey
Sep 26 Evergrey Hymns For The Broken
Sep 26 Decapitated Blood Mantra
Sep 26 Deaf Dealer Journey Into Fear
Sep 29 1349 Massive Cauldron Of Chaos
Sep 29 Khold Til Endes
Cannibal Corpse A Skeletal Domain

October 2014

Oct 7 Hellion Karma's A Bitch
Oct 7 Rigor Mortis Slaves To The Grave
Oct 7 Godflesh A World Lit Only By Fire
Oct 7 Audrey Horne Pure Heavy
Oct 14 Scar Symmetry The Singularity (Phase 1 - Neohumanity)
Oct 14 Exodus Blood In, Blood Out
Oct 16 Kayo Dot Coffins On Io
Oct 21 Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter
Oct 27 While Heaven Wept Suspended At Aphelion
Oct 28 Obituary Inked In Blood
Oct 28 At The Gates At War With Reality
Satan Trail Of Fire - Live In North America

November 2014

Nov 3 Cavalera Conspiracy Pandemonium
Nov 11 The Agonist Eye Of Providence
Primordial Where Greater Men Have Fallen

Late 2014

Armageddon Captivity & Devourment
Gory Blister The Fifth Fury
Warmen First Of The Five Elements
Omen Hammer Damage
Electric Wizard Time To Die
Sigh Graveward
Solefald Kosmopolis

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