Top Ten Lists - 2005



  1. The Provenance How Would You Like To Be Spat At
  2. Frantic Bleep The Sense Apparatus
  3. Primordial The Gathering Wilderness
  4. Opeth Ghost Reveries
  5. Tristania Ashes
  6. Cemetary Phantasma
  7. Moonsorrow Verisäkeet
  8. Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy Relic Dances
  9. Mahavatar Go With The No!
  10. Carnival In Coal Collection Prestige
  1. Opeth Ghost Reveries
  2. Nevermore This Godless Endeavor
  3. Judas Priest Angel Of Retribution
  4. Exodus Shovel Headed Kill Machine
  5. Kreator Enemy Of God
  6. Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine
  7. Dark Tranquillity Character
  8. Children Of Bodom Are You Dead Yet?
  9. Bruce Dickinson Tyranny Of Souls
  10. Nile Annihilation Of The Wicked

  11. System Of A Down Mezmerize
  12. Dream Theater Live At Budokan
  13. Candlemass Candlemass
  14. Slipknot 9.0 Live
  15. Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy
  16. Annihilator Schizo Deluxe
  17. Iron Maiden Death On The Road
  18. Demons & Wizards Touched By The Crimson King
  19. Hypocrisy Virus
  20. Strapping Young Lad Alien
  21. Kamelot The Black Halo
  22. Overkill RelixIV
  23. Soilwork Stabbing The Drama
  24. Trivium Ascendancy
  25. Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal
  26. Obituary Frozen In Time
  27. Black Label Society Mafia
  28. Rammstein Rosenrot
  29. Cryptopsy One Was Not
  30. Arcturus Sideshow Symphonies

Comparatively speaking, this list is about the same quality-wise as last year's, but a step below 2003 and several steps below 2001, still by far the best year of the new millennium.

Opeth does it again -- they are practically unstoppable at this stage of their career. The BNR prediction for top album, Judas Priest's Angel Of Retribution, does make a solid showing. Note: due to an unfortunate error in the early version of the voting page, both of System Of A Down's albums were counted as one. Thus, the position of Mezmerize is not accurate with respect to the other albums. In time, this may be corrected. Still, an interesting year for metal.

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