The third tournament on the site chose the best metal vocalist of all time, and it took place in the spring and summer of 2012.

How did the tournament work?

In the past there had been 64 entrants in a tournament. This time, because there were so many worthy vocalists to consider, I expanded the tournament to 96 vocalists. 32 were named as "favorites" and received a pass in the first round. The remaining 64 were paired off, the 32 winners joined the 32 favorites, and the tournament continued as before with 64 moving forward. As with the last tournament, there were no seeds, and the pairings were not announced in advance.

Who were the nominees?

The lists below denote the 32 favorites and the remaining 64 qualifiers.

The 32 Top Qualifiers

Eric Adams Phil Anselmo Joey Belladonna John Bush
Biff Byford Harry Conklin Alice Cooper Chris Cornell
David Coverdale Warrell Dane Glenn Danzig King Diamond
Bruce Dickinson Ronnie James Dio Udo Dirkschneider Ian Gillan
Devon Graves Rob Halford Michael Kiske James LaBrie
Messiah Marcolin Klaus Meine Midnight Jon Oliva
Ozzy Osbourne Tim "Ripper" Owens Robert Plant David Lee Roth
Bon Scott Geoff Tate Devin Townsend David Wayne

The 64 Remaining Qualifiers

Mikael Akerfeldt Ray Alder Russell Allen John Arch
Sebastian Bach Tim Baker Matt Barlow Denis Belanger
Chuck Billy Stu Block Urban Breed Karyn Crisis
Dawn Crosby John Cyriis David Defeis Paul DiAnno
Lee Dorrian David Draiman Bobby Ellsworth Dani Filth
Steve Grimmett Sammy Hagar Daniel Heiman James Hetfield
Floor Jansen Brian Johnson Tomi Joutsen Roy Khan
Lemmy Kilmister Hansi Kursch Jorn Lande Mike Lezala
Bobby Liebling Fabio Lione Robert Lowe Jason McMaster
Phil Mogg Tony Moore Mike Patton Doro Pesch
Fernando Ribeiro James Rivera Rob Rock Axl Rose
Andre Matos Nils K. Rue Tobias Sammett Ralf Scheepers
Simone Simons Dee Snider Layne Staley Peter Steele
Zak Stevens Dan Swano Serj Tankian Alan Tecchio
Corey Taylor Tarja Turunen Steven Tyler Anneke Van Giersbergen
Vintersorg Eric Wagner Timo Kotipelto Scott "Wino" Weinrich

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