Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: August 26, 2003


Afflicted's 1992 debut, Prodigal Sun, was an album slightly ahead of its time -- rooted in death metal, but possessing a greater degree of complexity and technicality than most of its contemporaries, a style that is more prevalent nowadays than back in 1992. Though the album received good reviews, it wasn't a major seller, and three years would go by before the band would re-emerge on a new label with a new album, Dawn Of Glory, which reportedly is less death-oriented (it is not reviewed here). The band broke up shortly thereafter. Most recently, two members from that second album lineup have formed the very different Defender, a traditional power metal band.

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Last Lineup

Michael Van Der Graaf


Jesper Thorsson


Joacim Carlsson

guitars (ex-Face Down)

Philip Von Segebaden

bass (ex-Cranium, Dawn, ex-Defender)

Yasin Hillborg


Former Members/Guests

Joakim Broms



Prodigal Sun  
1992 Nuclear Blast
  1. Prodigal Sun
  2. Harbouring The Soul
  3. In Years To Come
  4. Tidings From The Blue Sphere
  5. The Empty Word
  6. Astray
  7. Rising To The Sun
  8. Spirit Spectrum
  9. The Doomwatcher's Prediction
  10. Consumed In Flames
  11. Ivory Tower
  • Joakim Broms
  • Jesper Thorsson
  • Joacim Carlsson
  • Philip Von Segebaden
  • Yasin Hillborg

Dawn Of Glory  
1995 Massacre
  1. Son Of Earth
  2. Dawn Of Glory
  3. Last Incarnation
  4. Raging Into Battle
  5. Scattered
  6. I Am Vengeance
  7. Cross My Heart
  8. Niflheimr
  • Michael Van Der Graaf
  • Jesper Thorsson
  • Joacim Carlsson
  • Philip Von Segebaden
  • Yasin Hillborg

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