Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Aftershok was formed by guitarist George Mihalovich and vocalist Vic Hix (the latter formerly of Shok Paris, hence the band name) in 1995, By the time of the third album, 2016's Detonate, Hix had left to return to Shok Paris, but he's been capably replaced by Gord Sheffroth, who's got a perfect voice tailored to this style of music. Detonate continues the Shok Paris tradition of 80's metal (a 80's Judas Priest influence permeates the album) mixed with a more melodic hard rock sound. Nothing really contemporary here, but for 80's purists this hits the spot.

Current Members

Gord Sheffroth


George Mihalovich


George Borden


Former Members/Guests

Vic Hix

vocals (ex-Shok Paris)

Nick Gryszka



Unfinished Business  
2002 Auburn
  1. Armed and Dangerous
  2. War Machine
  3. Beware of the Night
  4. Remember
  5. Goin’ My Way
  6. Bad Moon
  7. Armageddon Rocks
  8. Yesterday’s Gone
  9. Broken Wings
  10. All the Way
  • Vic Hix
  • George Mihalovich
  • Nick Gryszka
  • George Borden

Burning Chrome  
2005 Auburn
  1. Sons of Thunder
  2. Burning Chrome
  3. Against the Rage
  4. Dream Maker
  5. Livin' on the Redline
  6. When Comes the Rain
  7. Riot
  8. Do You Believe?
  9. Bombs Away!
  10. The Gathering
  11. Edge of Tomorrow
  • Vic Hix
  • George Mihalovich
  • Nick Gryszka
  • George Borden

2016 Auburn
  1. Prelude to Fear
  2. Enter the Dark
  3. Hang 'em High
  4. The World United
  5. Forever in Metal
  6. When the Shadows Fall
  7. Friend or Foe
  8. In the Eye of the Storm
  9. The Hunger
  10. Ready to Rock
  11. Under the Gun
  12. Rise
  13. Cities on Fire
  • Gord Sheffroth
  • George Mihalovich
  • George Borden

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