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Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: August 19, 2017
Last update/review: April 4, 2020


Almanac was formed by longtime Rage guitarist Victor Smolski, shortly after his departure from said band in 2015. He recruited a pair of big-name vocalists in David Readman (Pink Cream 69 and others) and Andy Franck (Brainstorm, Symphorce), and he also brought along Jennette Marchewka, who'd he'd worked with in the Rage side project Lingua Moris Orchestra, thus constructing the quite rare triple-lead-vocalist lineup. Musically, the 2016 debut Tsar is a symphonic Euro power metal album, with several nods to Smolski-era Rage as one might expect. The vocalist aspect is somewhat overstated -- the vocals are quite good, but while Readman and Franck are both individually excellent, they don't really distinguish themselves from each other, and Marchewka seems relegated to backup status most of the time, so the possibilities of incorporating three distinct voices doesn't quite materialize. That's a minor nitpick when assessing the album as a whole, however, as Smolski's songwriting proves quite adept and the musicianship and presentation is solid across the board. Too soon to tell if this band progresses beyond project status, but Tsar is a worthy debut.

Current Members

Patrick Sühl


Jeanette Marchewka


Victor Smolski

guitars (ex-Rage)

Tim Rashid


Kevin Kott


Former Members/Guests

Andy B. Franck

vocals (Brainstorm, ex-Symphorce)

David Readman

vocals (ex-Adagio, Pink Cream 69, ex-Tank (Tucker/Evans version), Voodoo Circle)

Armin Alic


Enric Garcia


Michael Kolar


Athanasios Tsoukas



2016 Nuclear Blast
  1. Tsar
  2. Self-Blinded Eyes
  3. Darkness
  4. Hands Are Tied
  5. Children of the Future
  6. No More Shadows
  7. Nevermore
  8. Reign of Madness
  9. Flames of Fate
  • Andy B. Franck
  • David Readman
  • Jeanette Marchewka
  • Victor Smolski
  • Armin Alic
  • Enric Garcia
  • Michael Kolar

  1. Regicide
  2. Children of the Sacred Path
  3. Guilty as Charged
  4. Hail to the King
  5. Losing My Mind
  6. Kingslayer
  7. Kingdom of the Blind
  8. Headstrong
  9. Last Farewell
  10. Red Flag
  • Andy B. Franck
  • David Readman
  • Jeanette Marchewka
  • Victor Smolski
  • Tim Rashid
  • Athanasios Tsoukas

Rush Of Death  
2020 Nuclear Blast
  1. Predator
  2. Rush of Death
  3. Let the Show Begin
  4. Soiled Existence
  5. Bought and Sold
  6. The Human Essence
  7. Satisfied
  8. Blink of an Eye
  9. Can't Hold Me Back
  10. Like a Machine
  • Patrick Sühl
  • Jeanette Marchewka
  • Victor Smolski
  • Tim Rashid
  • Kevin Kott

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