Origin: Valjevo, Serbia  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
Page online: November 1, 2014
Last update/review: November 1, 2014

Amon Din

Another example of the kind of inventive, adventurous metal that always seems to originate from less traditional metal countries is the debut album from this Serbian band. Released in 2000, the oddly-named Dinamoneyezed fuses several forms of death metal rather seamlessly, combining the occasional brutal blasts with plenty of symphonic and atmospheric passages. At their core they are death metal, to be sure, but really they're a lot more than that. This brings to mind bands like Forgotten Silence, another Eastern European mob with a sense of the unusual. Apparently one of the more popular Serbian death metal bands, they released a follow-up some seven years and presumably were still active as late as 2013. Those into the more adventurous side of death metal should seek this band out.

Current Members

Sasa Sarcevic


Nebojsa Sarcevic


Milos Batocanin


Sasa Stefanovic


Igor Nikic


David Diepold

drums (Obscura)

Former Members/Guests

Nicola Rejevac


Lazic Nenad


Tatjana Radic


Bosko Rankovic


Damir Adzic

drums (ex-Alogia)


  1. Rising Sun
  2. Psychomanifest
  3. Into the Mirror
  4. Destiny
  5. Grasping at Shadows
  6. Umbra
  7. Blue Tomb
  8. In Dread of Insanity
  9. King of Din-Amon
  • Sasa Sarcevic
  • Nebojsa Sarcevic
  • Nicola Rejevac
  • Lazic Nenad
  • Tatjana Radic
  • Bosko Rankovic

Where The Dreams No Longer Exist  
  1. Intro/Doom of the Centuries
  2. Where the Dreams No Longer Exist
  3. Murder Begins
  4. When the Sky Is Bleeding
  5. Beast of Nihilism
  6. Intro II/Ime I Krv
  7. Abysmall Ignorance
  8. Sleepless Demise
  9. Of Cadavers and Scum
  10. Zavet (The Pledge)
  • Sasa Sarcevic
  • Nebojsa Sarcevic
  • Nicola Rejevac
  • Lazic Nenad
  • Damir Adzic

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