Origin: Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: January 21, 2007
Last update/review: April 21, 2018


French Canadian death metal usually means something pretty intense, chaotic, and unusual, and Concealed, the debut album from Augury, fits that description pretty well, as theirs is a progressive, adventurous take on extreme music, with a variety of vocal styles, acoustic interludes (one can't help but think of Opeth at such times), twisted riffing, but also plenty of full-on death metal brutality. The inclusion of operatic female vocals is a bit incongruous, sometimes a welcome addition, other times an odd, mismatched distraction (that vocalist has since left the band, though various guests have filled the role in live situations -- as such, it's not clear whether such vocals will be pursued in the future). For a debut album from a young band, Concealed is impressive indeed.

Current Members

Patric Loisel


Mathieu Marcotte


Dominic Lapointe

bass (Beyond Creation)

Etienne Gallo

drums (ex-Negativa)

Former Members/Guests

Arianne Fleury


Antoine Baril

drums (Obliveon)


2004 Galy
  1. Beatus
  2. ... Ever Know Peace Again
  3. Cosmic Migration
  4. Nocebo
  5. Alien Shores
  6. In Russian Dolls Universes
  7. Becoming God
  8. The Lair of Purity
  9. From Eden Estranged
  10. ... As Sea Devours Land
  • Arianne Fleury
  • Patric Loisel
  • Mathieu Marcotte
  • Dominic Lapointe
  • Etienne Gallo

Fragmentary Evidence  
2009 Nuclear Blast
  1. Aetheral
  2. Simian Cattle
  3. Orphans Of Living
  4. Jupiter To Ignite
  5. Sovereigns Unknown
  6. Skyless
  7. Faith Puppeteers
  8. Brimstone Landscapes
  9. Oversee The Rebirth
  • Patric Loisel
  • Mathieu Marcotte
  • Dominic Lapointe
  • Antoine Baril

Illusive Golden Age  
2018 Artisan Era
  1. Illusive Golden Age
  2. The Living Vault
  3. Carrion Tide
  4. Mater Dolorosa
  5. Maritime
  6. Message Sonore
  7. Parallel Biospheres
  8. Anchorite
  • Patric Loisel
  • Mathieu Marcotte
  • Dominic Lapointe
  • Antoine Baril

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