Origin: Halmstad, Sweden  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Page online: March 15, 2011
Last update/review: March 15, 2011

Blind Dog

Another in a long line of quality Swedish stoner rock bands (alongside Spiritual Beggars, Grand Magus, Mustasch, and others), Blind Dog formed in 1995 and eventually attracted the interest of MeteorCity Records, who re-released the band's self-financed effort The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog in 2000 as well as the aptly titled Captain Dog Rides Again three years later. The guys stuck to a more rock feel rather than the more doomier side of stoner metal played by others, but they nailed the classic stoner sound and were quite entertaining. By 2008 the guys decided they had had enough and would disband, self-releasing seven final tracks together as Captain Dog Logs Out.

Last Lineup

Tobias Nilson


Joakim Thell


Thomas Elenvik


Former Members/Guests

Andreas Barringer (guest)



The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog  
2000 MeteorCity
  1. Thundergroove
  2. 000 Reasons
  3. Blend
  4. Beyond My Reach
  5. When I'm Finally Gone
  6. Feels Like My Mind...
  7. Wish I Knew Which Side I'm On
  8. Damned If I Should Care
  9. Coming To
  10. Back Where I've Always Been
  11. ...
  12. Sun
  13. Lose
  • Tobias Nilson
  • Joakim Thell
  • Thomas Elenvik

Captain Dog Rides Again  
2003 MeteorCity
  1. Don't Ask Me Where I Stand
  2. Iron Cage
  3. Let It Go
  4. Would I Make You Believe
  5. Follow The Fools
  6. Back Off
  7. Fading Memories
  8. Unsellable
  9. There Must Be Better Ways Of Losing Your Mind
  10. Be The Same
  • Tobias Nilson
  • Joakim Thell
  • Andreas Barringer
  • Thomas Elenvik

Captain Dog Logs Out  
2008 self-released
  1. Riding Alone
  2. I've Escaped You So Far
  3. Keep Up the Gloss
  4. Sleeping Dogs
  5. Astray
  6. When the Whole Thing Blows
  7. Help You From Yourself
  • Tobias Nilson
  • Joakim Thell
  • Thomas Elenvik

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