Origin: Australia  
Genres: 70's Metal
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While AC/DC are considered the elder statesmen of Australian hard rock, Buffalo actually predates them by a number of years, as they origins go back to 1968 where they first formed under the name Head. Eventually they switched name to Buffalo and caught a major break by signing to Vertigo Records, home to Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep among others. Five albums were released between 1972 and 1977, though it's '73's Volcanic Rock that is probably their heaviest and best known album, an aptly titled classic heavy rock affair. By the time of their last album in 1977, spirits were down, the album fared poorly, and the band soon called it a day. Bassist Pete Wells went on to play slide guitar for Rose Tattoo.

Last Lineup

Dave Tice


Chris Turner


Ross Sims


Jimmy Economou


Former Members/Guests

Alan Milano


John Baxter


Karl Taylor


Peter Wells

bass (ex-Rose Tattoo) RIP: March 27, 2006, cancer

Paul Balbi



Dead Forever  
1972 Vertigo
  1. Leader
  2. Suzie Sunshine
  3. Pay My Dues
  4. I'm A Mover
  5. Ballad Of Irving Fink
  6. Bean Stew
  7. Forest Rain
  8. Dead Forever
  • Dave Tice
  • Alan Milano
  • John Baxter
  • Peter Wells
  • Paul Balbi

Volcanic Rock  
1973 Vertigo
  1. Sunshine (Come My Way)
  2. Freedom
  3. Till My Death
  4. The Prophet (I) Intro: Pound Of Flesh
  5. The Prophet (II) Shylock
  • Dave Tice
  • John Baxter
  • Peter Wells
  • Jimmy Economou

Only Want You For Your Body  
1974 Vertigo
  1. I'm A Skirt Lifter, Not A Shirt Raiser
  2. I'm Coming On
  3. Dune Messiah
  4. Stay With Me
  5. What's Going On
  6. Kings Cross Ladies
  7. United Nations
  • Dave Tice
  • John Baxter
  • Peter Wells
  • Jimmy Economou

Mother's Choice  
1976 Vertigo
  1. Long Time Gone
  2. Honey Babe
  3. Taste It Don't Waste It
  4. Little Queenie
  5. Lucky
  6. Essukay
  7. Sweet Little Sixteen
  8. Be Alright
  • Dave Tice
  • Karl Taylor
  • Peter Wells
  • Jimmy Economou

Average Rock 'n' Roller  
1977 Vertigo
  1. You Say
  2. Rollin'
  3. Average Rock'N'Roller
  4. Hotel Ladies
  5. Bad News
  6. Sailor
  7. Rhythm Madness
  8. Hero Suite
  • Dave Tice
  • Chris Turner
  • Ross Sims
  • Jimmy Economou

Skirt Lifters (Highlights & Oversights, 72-78)  COMPILATION
  1. I'm A Skirt Lifter (Not A Shirt Raiser)
  2. Dead Forever
  3. Suzie Sunshine
  4. Sunrise (Come My Way)
  5. Shylock
  6. Lucky
  7. Little Queenie
  8. No Particular Place To Go
  9. The Girl Can't Help It
  10. A Shot Of Rhythm 'N' Blues
  11. What's Going On ?
  12. On My Way
  13. Barbershop Rock

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