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Cycle Sluts From Hell

This oddity came and went within a blink of an eye, and years later, is still a mystery to many. Though the name implied an all-girl group, in fact the band consisted of four female singers backed by an all-male band (the lineup of which isn't entirely clear, though it is known that one of the guitarists was Chris Moffett, later of Warrior Soul, and one-time Overkill guitarist Bobby Gustafson also briefly appeared on the album and toured with the band). With member names such as "Venus Penis Crusher" and "She-Fire Of Ice", it's hard to believe that this was ever meant to be a band to be taken seriously. In any event, the one album is anthemic, simplistic metal, bordering on thrash at times (particularly on "I Wish You Were A Beer", which got some decent MTV play at the time). but otherwise not a lot is known about the band. Debuting at a time where grunge was beginning to take hold, the album failed to take hold and the band soon disappeared with nary a trace. Cycle Sluts From Hell (the album) isn't a must-have, but amusing and ok for the time.

Last Lineup

Former Members/Guests

Bobby Gustafson

guitars (ex-Overkill, ex-Response Negative, ex-Skrew)


Cycle Sluts From Hell  
1991 Sony
  1. Conqueress
  2. By the balls
  3. Queen high love
  4. Dark ships
  5. I wish you were a beer
  6. Soul taker
  7. Erks
  8. Speed queen
  9. Taste the flesh
  10. Bad ass mama
  11. Blood lust

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