Origin: Statesboro, Georga, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Instrumental
Last update/review: July 4, 2010

Canvas Solaris

A quick look at the song titles below reveals that Canvas Solaris isn't interested in writing simple, catchy rock tunes. There aren't that many instrumental bands around at the moment, but Canvas Solaris does share the same penchant for odd song titles, complex riffing/structures, and experimentation as some of their contempories, though these guys are even more technically-minded than most. Though not a direct soundalike, Gordian Knot has a somewhat similar sound, though they are a bit more laidback than CS. The band formed in 1999, but they haven't always had their current style (in their early days, according to their bio, they shared more in common with bands like Carcass), and they haven't always been instrumental, as a vocalist did front the band for a time. Eventually, though, they narrowed their vision to instrumental tech metal, and their two releases to date are among the most accomplished in that field. This is music for musicians, as this sort of ultra-complex stuff seems to be best appreciated by those who truly can grasp how difficult it is to play.

Current Members

Nathan Sapp


Chris Rushing


Gael Pirlot


Donnie Smith


Hunter Ginn


Former Members/Guests

Ben Simpkins



2003 Tribunal
  1. Camera Obscura Listen
  2. Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Listen
  3. Non-Terminationg Integer, The Listen
  4. Dark Matter, Accretion Disk, And Interacting Binary / Neutron Star In A Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe
  • Nathan Sapp
  • Ben Simpkins
  • Hunter Ginn

2004 Tribunal
  1. Cosmopolysyndeton
  2. Spheres In Design
  3. When Solar Winds Collide
  4. Cyclotron Emission
  5. Syzygial Epiphany
  6. Ekstatik Parataxis (The New Measure)
  7. Sublimation
  • Nathan Sapp
  • Ben Simpkins
  • Hunter Ginn

Penumbra Diffuse  
2006 Sensory
  1. Panoramic Long-Range Vertigo
  2. Horizontal Radiant
  3. Accidents in Mutual Silence
  4. Vaihayasa
  5. To Fracture
  6. Psychotropic Resonance
  7. Luminesence
  • Nathan Sapp
  • Ben Simpkins
  • Hunter Ginn

Cortical Tectonics  
2007 Sensory
  1. Berserker Hypothesis
  2. Sinusoid Mirage
  3. Interface
  4. Gamma Knife
  5. Rhizome
  6. Reticular Consciousness
  • Nathan Sapp
  • Chris Rushing
  • Gael Pirlot
  • Donnie Smith
  • Hunter Ginn

The Atomized Dream  
2008 Sensory
  1. The Binaural Beat
  2. Reflections Carried To Mirror
  3. Chromatic Dusk
  4. Patterns Spiral Into Swarm
  5. Heat Distortion Manifest
  6. Photovoltaic
  7. Solar Droid
  8. The Unknowable And Defeating Glow
  • Nathan Sapp
  • Chris Rushing
  • Gael Pirlot
  • Donnie Smith
  • Hunter Ginn

2010 Sensory
  1. Adaptive Optics
  2. Conveyance Of Flux
  3. The Horizon Feasts On Stars
  4. Glacier
  5. Accelerated Testing Phase
  6. Threads Of Dead Space
  7. Soliton (Emergence From Dispersion)
  8. Vapor Chasm
  9. Null Proximity
  • Nathan Sapp
  • Chris Rushing
  • Gael Pirlot
  • Donnie Smith
  • Hunter Ginn

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