Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA  
Last update/review: July 3, 2016

Corvus Corax

Labelled by their record company as "pagan symphonic black metal", Corvus Corax packed a lot into their 2000 album, Atavistic Triad. The songs are long (the core of the album are two 14+ minute songs and another track that's over 7 minutes) and involved, with a thick, dense doom/black/gothic blend and harsh black-ish vocals. The interplay between guitars and keyboards is nice, and there are no faults with the performances, but the songs are slightly lacking in identity. There was clear potential here, as their style was fairly unique, but they never did maintain a high profile and they were not heard from again after the album's release.

Last Lineup

Johann Cleereman


Paul Martin


Mallus Stormcrow



Tha Atavistic Triad  
2000 Dark Symphonies
  1. Son of the Earth
  2. Terminus Est
  3. Sojourn
  4. Mystagogue
  5. hidden track
  • Johann Cleereman
  • Paul Martin
  • Mallus Stormcrow

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