Origin: Kristiansand, Norway  
Genres: Power Metal, Progressive Metal
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Page online: May 13, 2006
Last update/review: January 6, 2021


The Norwegian trio Communic came together in 2003, two of the three guys hailing from a similar band, Scariot. A year later a well-received demo was released, followed by their debut album, Conspiracy In Mind, in 2005. At their heaviest there's a clear Nevermore vibe, both in the crunchy, almost thrashy riffs as well as vocally -- Oddleif Stensland can't quite match Warrel Dane's power and command, but he comes close at times. At other times these guys relax into a more traditional heavier progressive metal, and Stensland's vocals takes on a more melodic feel. The band is now five albums in to a mid-level career, though they haven't quite broken in to the upper ranks.

Current Members

Oddleif Stensland

guitars/vocals (ex-Scariot)

Erik Mortensen


Tor Atle Andersen

drums (ex-Scariot)


Conspiracy In Mind  
2005 Nuclear Blast
  1. Conspiracy in Mind
  2. History Reversed
  3. They Feed on Our Fear
  4. Communication Sublime
  5. The Distance
  6. Ocean Bed
  7. Silence Surrounds
  8. Another Distance (piano version) (bonus)
  9. Conspiracy In Mind (video edit version) (bonus)
  • Oddleif Stensland
  • Erik Mortensen
  • Tor Atle Andersen
2005 Readers' Album #87

Waves Of Visual Decay  
2006 Nuclear Blast
  1. Under A Luminous Sky
  2. Frozen Asleep In The Park
  3. Watching It All Disappear
  4. Fooled By The Serpent
  5. Waves Of Visual Decay
  6. My Bleeding Victim
  7. At Dewy Prime
  • Oddleif Stensland
  • Erik Mortensen
  • Tor Atle Andersen
2006 Readers' Album #63

Payment Of Existence  
2008 Nuclear Blast
  1. On Ancient Ground
  2. The Abandoned One
  3. Becoming Of Man
  4. Payment Of Existence
  5. Through The Labyrinth Of Years
  6. Raven's Cry
  7. Unpredictables Of Life
  8. Stone Carved Eyes
  • Oddleif Stensland
  • Erik Mortensen
  • Tor Atle Andersen
2008 Readers' Album #69

The Bottom Deep  
2011 Nuclear Blast
  1. Facing Tomorrow
  2. Denial
  3. Flood River Blood
  4. Voyage of Discovery
  5. In Silence with My Scars
  6. My Fallen
  7. Destroyer of Bloodlines
  8. A Wayward Soul
  9. The Bottom Deep
  • Oddleif Stensland
  • Erik Mortensen
  • Tor Atle Andersen

Where Echoes Gather  
2017 AFM
  1. The Pulse of the Earth (Part 1 - The Magnetic Center)
  2. The Pulse of the Earth (Part 2 - Impact Of The Wave)
  3. Where Echoes Gather (Part 1 - Beneath The Giant)
  4. Where Echoes Gather (Part 2 - The Underground Swine)
  5. Moondance
  6. Where History Lives
  7. Black Flag of Hate
  8. The Claws Of The Sea (Part 1 - Journey Into The Source)
  9. The Claws Of The Sea (Part 2 - The First Moment)
  • Oddleif Stensland
  • Erik Mortensen
  • Tor Atle Andersen

Hiding From The World  
2020 AFM
  • Oddleif Stensland
  • Erik Mortensen
  • Tor Atle Andersen

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