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Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: May 17, 2010

Crimson Glory

Crimson Glory is one of the best and most influential prog metal bands to emerge from the 80's. They combined a basic style derived from early Queensryche with interesting guitar melodies and the distinctive, emotive vocals of Midnight, eventually producing two outstanding albums in Crimson Glory and Transcendence, the latter being the band's high-water mark. But the followup, Strange And Beautiful, did not fare well, as the shift to a much more commercial sound alienated fans, leading to the band's eventual breakup soon after. Several members became involved in projects after the breakup (see Parish, Erotic Liquid Culture), but it was not until late 1997 that the band reformed, and began work on a new album.

In 1999, that new album, Astronomica, was finally released, after being reported as done as much as a year earlier. The album was both a nod to their past as well as updated for the present, retaining some of the classic guitar harmonies along with a slightly more aggressive approach. New vocalist Wade Black was more dynamic and aggressive, but less distinctive, than Midnight -- his vocals fit the music very well, but arguably the album sounds less like classic Crimson Glory without Midnight's presence. Nonetheless, the album marked a welcome, if short-lived, comeback from a great band.

With Astronomica behind them, Crimson Glory went back into remission for several years. Former vocalist Midnight has been mostly out of the public eye, save for an acoustic EP release several years ago. In April 2006 the band announced that the core trio of Lords, Jackson, and Jon Drenning had reunited with Midnight, had signed an album deal with Black Lotus Records, and were once again set on resuming their career (though the record deal is no more, as Black Lotus went out of business). However, Midnight was let go from the reformation in January 2007, the others citing his ongoing personal problems (sadly, he passed away in July 2009). Wade Black was renamed the vocalist for a time, though they have now announced a new singer and may be set to carry on.

Current Members

Travis Wills


Ben Jackson

guitars (ex-Parish)

Mark Borgmeyer


Jeff Lords

bass (ex-Erotic Liquid Culture)

Dana Burnell


Former Members/Guests

Midnight (John Patrick McDonald)

vocals RIP: July 8, 2009, aneurysm, age 47

Wade Black

vocals (ex-Leatherwolf, ex-Leash Law, ex-Seven Witches)

Jon Drenning

guitars (ex-Erotic Liquid Culture)

Ravi Jakhotia

drums (ex-Erotic Liquid Culture)

Steve Wachholz

drums (ex-Savatage)


Crimson Glory  
1986 Par
  1. Valhalla
  2. Dragon Lady
  3. Heart of Steel
  4. Azrael
  5. Mayday
  6. Queen of the Masquerade
  7. Angels of War
  8. Lost Reflections
  • Midnight
  • Jon Drenning
  • Ben Jackson
  • Jeff Lords
  • Dana Burnell

1988 Roadrunner
  1. Lady of winter
  2. Red sharks
  3. Painted skies
  4. Masque of the red death
  5. In dark places
  6. Where dragons rule
  7. Lonely
  8. Burning bridges
  9. Eternal world
  10. Transcendence
  • Midnight
  • Jon Drenning
  • Ben Jackson
  • Jeff Lords
  • Dana Burnell

Strange And Beautiful  
1991 Atlantic
  1. Strange and beautiful
  2. Promise land
  3. Love and dreams
  4. The chant
  5. Dance on fire
  6. Song for angels
  7. In the mood
  8. Starchamber
  9. Deep inside your heart
  10. Make you love me
  11. Far away
  • Midnight
  • Jon Drenning
  • Jeff Lords
  • Ravi Jakhotia

1999 Spitfire
  1. March to glory
  2. War of the worlds
  3. New world machine
  4. Astronomica
  5. Edge of forever
  6. Touch the sun
  7. Lucifer's hammer
  8. The other side of midnight
  9. Cyber-christ
  10. Cydonia
  • Wade Black
  • Jon Drenning
  • Ben Jackson
  • Jeff Lords
  • Steve Wachholz

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