Origin: Germany  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: November 11, 2003

Crack Up

Crack Up's style is a bit atypical for a German band, as they have nothing to do with melodic power metal. Their earlier work, such as From The Ground, shows the band more or less in the death metal camp, albeit with a more midpaced power metal tempo rather than the speedy old-school death style. On the later material, they've adopted a so-called "death rock" style (bands of this ilk are invariably likened to Entombed, though, Crack Up sounds nothing like them) -- indeed, were it not for the harsh death vocals of Tim, Crack Up could almost be considered just a hard rock band, as their music combines a bit of Motorhead, a slice of stoner rock groove, a tad of punkish loose playing, and the rest being good old hard rock and roll. Some might find the vocals incongruous with the music, but in many ways they do fit. An interesting band that doesn't get a lot of notice outside their country.

The band announced its breakup in November 2003, stating that their musical progression had come to an end.

Last Lineup

Tim Schnetgöke


Dirk Oschatz


Torben Voight


Andi Nohlen


Former Members/Guests

Helvin Pour


Frank Schlinkert



Blood Is Life  
1996 Corrosion
  1. Blood is Life
  2. Unburden
  3. Wounded
  4. Voices
  5. Failing
  6. Forever In Me?
  7. Hatred Unfolds
  8. Cycle Of Need
  9. Painted Black
  10. Fading Away
  • Tim Schnetgöke
  • Dirk Oschatz
  • Helvin Pour
  • Frank Schlinkert

From The Ground  
1997 Nuclear Blast
  1. From The Ground
  2. Razzberry
  3. Cracked Pack
  4. Money Will Roll Right In
  5. Broomer
  6. Rats
  7. Swab
  8. Glorious
  9. Blood On The Floor
  10. for Fake
  11. Sappy Restrain
  12. Dysorientated
  13. Burrrn!
  14. Worthless
  15. To The Sky
  • Tim Schnetgöke
  • Dirk Oschatz
  • Helvin Pour
  • Frank Schlinkert

Heads Will Roll  
1998 Nuclear Blast
  1. Well come
  2. So Far no Good
  3. Only W/ The Dvil
  4. The Assassin
  5. Harder They Vall
  6. Off-Kilter
  7. Next Big Thing
  8. Hell's Day
  9. For 2nds I Thought I'd Rather Be Dead
  10. In A Hole
  11. Modern Art
  12. Into The Dirt
  13. Demon
  14. Bad Mongo
  • Tim Schnetgöke
  • Dirk Oschatz
  • Helvin Pour
  • Frank Schlinkert

Dead End Run  
2000 Moonstorm
  1. It´s Shit
  2. Dead End Run
  3. Maximum Speed
  4. Stallknecht
  5. Dead Good Motherfucker
  6. Higher
  7. Whores Suck It
  8. Well In The Night
  9. I´M The Only Way
  10. Cut
  11. Microcosm
  12. Heavy Hearted King
  13. Better Dance
  14. Evenflow
  15. Rock The Coffin´
  • Tim Schnetgöke
  • Dirk Oschatz
  • Torben Voight
  • Frank Schlinkert

Buttoxin' Bloom  
2002 Moonstorm
  1. Leaving Mexico
  2. Hyperventilating
  3. Manic
  4. Depeche Express
  5. Oversized
  6. Johnny Good
  7. Cheesed
  8. Push Me Down
  9. Go To Hell
  10. Fuckrock
  11. Sonic
  12. Tits & Champagne
  13. Another Good Emotion
  • Tim Schnetgöke
  • Dirk Oschatz
  • Torben Voight
  • Andi Nohlen

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