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The Cursed

The Cursed paired two New Jersey thrash metal veterans in longtime Overkill vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth and Hades guitarist Dan Lorenzo. Room Full Of Sinners isn't a thrash album at all, though, as this is a bluesy, slower-paced metal affair (think recent Trouble, or a less Southern-influenced Corrosion Of Conformity). Away from the thrashiness of Overkill, Blitz turns in a fine performance, as he both retains his trademark style as well as branches out here and there with a lower-pitched, more haunting approach.

Last Lineup

Bobby Ellsworth

vocals (BPMD, Overkill)

Dan Lorenzo

guitars (ex-Hades, ex-Non-Fiction)

Job The Raver


Mike Cristi

drums (ex-Non-Fiction)


Room Full Of Sinners  
2007 Screaming Ferret
  1. Sweeter
  2. Evil, in the Bag
  3. Breaking Her Down
  4. Best of the Worst
  5. Native Tongue
  6. Serpentine Slither
  7. All's Right
  8. Leven Als God in Frankrijk
  9. One Time
  10. Queen of the Down
  11. Generate Her
  • Bobby Ellsworth
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Job The Raver
  • Mike Cristi

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