Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Hard Rock
Page online: May 6, 2018
Last update/review: September 3, 2023


CyHra brings together four musicians all with strong ties to the metal scene (though it's a bit of stretch to throw out the "supergroup" tag), the most prominent probably being longtime In Flames Letters To Myself is an upbeat, modern radio-friendly European hard rock/metal album, retaining much of Amaranthe's pop sensibilities (which go beyond the vocalist connection) and at times bringing to mind In Flames' current direction, as opposed to the melodeath of their early period. It's arguably too melodic and hook-oriented to be a true metal record, this is clearly aimed at a different audience, and on those terms it may well deliver.

Current Members

Jake E Joakim Keelyn

vocals/keyboards (ex-Amaranthe, guest for Opera Diabolicus)

Jesper Strömblad

guitars/keyboards (Dimension Zero, The Halo Effect, ex-HammerFall, ex-In Flames, ex-The Resistance, ex-Sinergy)

Marcus Sunesson

guitars (ex-The Crown, Engel)

Euge Valovirta


Alex Landenburg

drums (At Vance, Kamelot, ex-Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Mekong Delta)

Former Members/Guests

Peter Iwers

bass (The Halo Effect, ex-In Flames)


Letters To Myself  
2017 Spinefarm
  1. Karma
  2. Heartrage
  3. Here to Save You
  4. Muted Life
  5. Closure
  6. Letter to Myself
  7. Dark Clarity
  8. Holding Your Breath
  9. Rescue Ride
  10. Black Wings
  11. Inside a Lullaby
  12. Dead to Me
  • Jake E Joakim Keelyn
  • Jesper Strömblad
  • Peter Iwers
  • Alex Landenburg

No Halos In Hell  
2019 Nuclear Blast
  1. Out Of My Life
  2. No Halos In Hell
  3. Battle From Within
  4. I Am The One
  5. Bye Bye Forever
  6. Dreams Gone Wrong
  7. Lost In Time
  8. Kings Tonight
  9. I Had Your Back
  10. Blood Brothers
  11. Hit Me
  12. Man Of Eternal Rain
  • Jake E Joakim Keelyn
  • Jesper Strömblad
  • Euge Valovirta
  • Alex Landenburg

The Vertigo Trigger  
2023 Nuclear Blast
  1. Ready to Rumble
  2. Let's Have My Story Told
  3. Live a Little
  4. 000 Fahrenheit
  5. Buried Alive
  6. The Voice You Need to Hear
  7. Life Is a Hurricane
  8. If I
  9. Fear of Missing Out
  10. Ashlight
  11. Too Old for Fairy Tales
  • Jake E Joakim Keelyn
  • Jesper Strömblad
  • Marcus Sunesson
  • Euge Valovirta
  • Alex Landenburg

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