Origin: Oulu, Finland  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
Page online: January 27, 2012
Last update/review: January 27, 2012

Dawn Of Relic

Originally founded as a solo project by Jukka Juntunen in 1993, Dawn Of Relic eventually expanded to a proper band and have released three albums as of this writing. They promote themselves as "dark metal", which is somewhat enigmatic and which probably suits the band just fine. On the band's third effort (Night On Earth), the guys produce a somewhat moody form of mid-paced melodic death metal, with keyboards providing a dark atmospheric accent that almost wanders into gothic territory. They last released an album in 2005 but as recently as 2010 had recorded a promo, seeking a new record deal.

Current Members

Ville Lind


Teemu Luukinen


Rami Keränen


Jarno Juntunen


Sampo Heikkinen


Jukka Juntunen


Former Members/Guests

Mika Tönning (guest)

vocals (ex-Catamenia)

Kai Jaakkola (guest)

vocals (Deathchain)

Rauli Roininen


Pekka Mustonen


Toni Laine (guest)


Pekka Malo



One Night In Carcosa  
1999 Wicked World
  1. Fimbulvetr
  2. When Aldebaran is Visible
  3. The Last Dance of Sarnath
  4. Kadath Opened
  5. Nether Seas Boiling
  6. Welkins Gat
  7. Just a River
  8. Oceans
  • Mika Tönning
  • Rauli Roininen
  • Pekka Mustonen
  • Teemu Luukinen
  • Pekka Malo
  • Jukka Juntunen

Lovecraftian Dark  
2003 Season Of Mist
  1. Dawn Over Carcosa
  2. Masquerade Of Sickness (The Eve Of Reckoning)
  3. Throes Matrix
  4. Phosphor
  5. Scions Of The Blackened Soil
  6. Wrathcast
  7. Watchtower Son (Lemurian Guard)
  8. The Awakening
  9. Bowels Of Murder
  10. The Wail Of The Tartarean Wells
  11. It Dragged Her To Dark...
  12. Snowfall
  13. Dormant From Kiasmagoria
  14. Phantasm And Evenfall
  • Mika Tönning
  • Rauli Roininen
  • Pekka Mustonen
  • Teemu Luukinen
  • Pekka Malo
  • Jukka Juntunen

Night On Earth  
2005 Season Of Mist
  1. Evenfall (Intro)
  2. Serpent Tongues
  3. September & The One
  4. Birth
  5. Sinbred City
  6. Night On Earth
  7. Nemesis
  8. The Room Of Paintings
  • Kai Jaakkola
  • Rauli Roininen
  • Teemu Luukinen
  • Toni Laine
  • Sampo Heikkinen
  • Jukka Juntunen

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