Origin: Mexico  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
Last update/review: May 14, 2011

Dies Irae

Mexico has had a pretty healthy, if not well-known, metal scene for a number of years, but Dies Irae is the first Mexican band to be featured on these pages (Brujeria doesn't count!). Formed back in 1991, they released two similarly-styled albums, the latter of which was recorded in Gothenberg, Sweden, by the well-respected producer Fredrik Nordstrom. And Gothenberg is the key phrase here, as Dies Irae, despite hailing from another continent altogether, has a classic Swedish melodic death metal style in the In Flames/ Dark Tranquillity mold. There's some fine musicianship here (bassist Carlos Orozco excels), and the execution is right on the mark -- those into the melodeth field should like these guys.

Note: no relation to the Polish band Dies Irae.

Last Lineup

Juan Manuel Darhen


Daniel HG




Former Members/Guests

Eduardo Gomez


Carlos Orozco


Luis Martinez

drums (ex-The Chasm)


1998 Oz Productions
  1. Aeri Somnia
  2. Shadow Finder
  3. Epidermal Macabre
  4. Etherial
  5. The Last Breath
  6. Til Your Eyes Turn Black
  7. Is Not Just The Flames
  8. Mistery Lover
  9. Loco Dolenti
  • Juan Manuel Darhen
  • Eduardo Gomez
  • Carlos Orozco
  • Luis Martinez

2001 Oz Productions
  1. Sculpted In Stone
  2. Ice In Dawn
  3. Blurred
  4. Parallel Universe Part I
  5. Shattered Mockery
  6. Slow, Slow
  7. Imporos Verve
  8. Shades
  9. Parallel Universe Part II
  • Juan Manuel Darhen
  • Eduardo Gomez
  • Carlos Orozco
  • Luis Martinez

Secret Veils Of Passion  
2011 Chaos

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