Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: January 15, 2017
Last update/review: April 7, 2017

The Doomsday Kingdom

The mighty Candlemass has been an on-again, off-again proposition for much of the new millennium, and while mainman Leif Edling has said he's somewhat burned out there, his newer bands such as Krux and Avatarium haven't strayed far from the classic doom mold. And nor does this project, which was founded purely as a solo effort. A 4-track demo, Never Machine, recorded essentially by himself with a few guest appearances, was recorded in 2015 and saw a proper vinyl release in 2016. Now a full-fledged band, the debut self-titled album appeared

Current Members

Niklas Stålvind

vocals (Wolf)

Marcus Jidell

guitars (Avatarium, ex-Evergrey, ex-Royal Hunt, ex-Soen)

Leif Edling

bass (ex-Abstrakt Algebra, ex-Avatarium, Candlemass, Krux, ex-Nemesis)

Andreas Johansson

drums (ex-Divinefire, Narnia, Royal Hunt)


Never Machine Demo EP  EP
2016 Nuclear Blast
  1. Never Machine
  2. The Sceptre
  3. Zodiac City
  4. The Whispering
  • Leif Edling

The Doomsday Kingdom  
2017 Nuclear Blast
  1. Silent Kingdom
  2. Never Machine
  3. A Spoonful of Darkness
  4. See You Tomorrow
  5. The Sceptre
  6. Hand of Hell
  7. The Silence
  8. The God Particle
  • Niklas StÃ¥lvind
  • Marcus Jidell
  • Leif Edling
  • Andreas Johansson

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