Origin: Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Instrumental
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Page online: August 31, 2004
Last update/review: October 25, 2019


Dysrhythmia operates in the relatively exclusive realm of instrumental metal, a select genre of bands usually more interested in doing their own thing rather than following the trend of the day. And Dysrhythmia is no different, as their unique brand of arty, choppy, progressive, dischordant metal is clearly not aimed at the general public. The band formed in 1998, and released a couple of independent albums before signing on with Relapse (an interesting choice, as this band is hardly a typical Relapse band) and releasing Pretest in 2003. If a band must be named as a soundalike, one might say Don Caballero, though Dysrhythmia is a little less chaotic, a bit more metal-based, and perhaps a bit moodier during the more introspective songs such as "Touch Benediction". Pretest isn't perfect, as there is the occasional tendency to wander off and lose track of the song itself, but this is a great album, one of the best instrumental albums in some time, and if the above description is appealing, is definitely worth a look.

Current Members

Kevin Hufnagel

guitars (Gorguts, guest for Howling Sycamore, ex-Sabbath Assembly)

Colin Marston

bass (Behold The Arctopus, Gorguts, Krallice)

Jeff Eber


Former Members/Guests

Clayton Ingerson



1999 independent
  1. Ladder
  2. Side Walk
  3. Burning Cinders in a Freefall
  4. Rotary
  5. Polytrip
  6. Lost in Disguise
  7. Yes, it's kind of an oxymoron
  8. Earthquake
  • Kevin Hufnagel
  • Clayton Ingerson
  • Jeff Eber

No Interference  
2001 independent
  1. Body Destroyed, Brain Intact
  2. Craving for Transformation
  3. No Interference
  4. Circulatory System Overhaul
  5. Let You Fall
  6. Orbiting
  7. Nutritional Facelift
  8. Slumlord
  9. We Lead the Way
  10. Psychic Desolation
  11. Four, Five, Six Minutes Late
  • Kevin Hufnagel
  • Clayton Ingerson
  • Jeff Eber

2003 Relapse
  1. Bastard
  2. My Relationship
  3. And Just Go
  4. Heatsink
  5. Running Shoe of Justice
  6. Annihilation II
  7. Annihilation I
  8. Catalog of Personal Faults
  9. Touch Benediction
  10. An Ally to Comprehension (Japanese Bonus)
  • Kevin Hufnagel
  • Clayton Ingerson
  • Jeff Eber

Live At Contamination Festival 2003  EP
2004 Relapse
  1. Bastard
  2. My Relationship
  3. And Just Go
  4. Annihilation I
  5. Catalog of Personal Faults
  • Kevin Hufnagel
  • Clayton Ingerson
  • Jeff Eber

Barriers And Passages  
2006 Relapse
  1. Pulsar
  2. Appeared At First
  3. Bypass The Solenoid
  4. An Ally To Comprehension
  5. Seal/Breaker/Void
  6. Kamma Niyama
  7. Sleep Decayer
  8. Bus: Terminal
  9. Luminous
  10. Will The Spirit Prevail?
  11. Void (Japanese Bonus)
  • Kevin Hufnagel
  • Colin Marston
  • Jeff Eber

Psychic Maps  
2009 Relapse
  1. Festival Of Popular Delusions
  2. Triangular Stare
  3. Reactionary
  4. Room Of Vertigo
  5. Iron Cathedral
  6. Lifted By Skin
  • Kevin Hufnagel
  • Colin Marston
  • Jeff Eber

Test Of Submission  
2012 Profound Lore
  1. In Secrecy
  2. Test of Submission
  3. The Line Always Snaps
  4. Running Towards the End
  5. In the Spirit of Catastrophe
  6. The Madness of Three
  7. Like Chameleons
  8. In Consequence
  • Kevin Hufnagel
  • Colin Marston
  • Jeff Eber

The Veil Of Control  
2016 Profound Lore
  1. The Veil of Control
  2. Internal/Eternal
  3. Black Memory
  4. Selective Abstraction
  5. Severed and Whole
  6. When Whens End
  • Kevin Hufnagel
  • Colin Marston
  • Jeff Eber

Terminal Threshold  
2019 independent
  1. Nuclear Twilight
  2. Power Symmetry
  3. Plague Delay
  4. Progressive Entrapment
  5. Twin Stalkers
  6. Rule of the Mountain
  7. Never Was Then Again
  8. Premonition Error
  • Kevin Hufnagel
  • Colin Marston
  • Jeff Eber

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