Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Page online: February 15, 2021
Last update/review: February 15, 2021

Earth Messiah

Surprisingly or not, Sweden has long been a hotbed for stoner rock, and Gothenburg's Earth Messiah fit that billing to a T, their 2019 debut Ouroboros features a classic proto-stoner rock style, with gritty vocals and plenty of requisite hardened riffs. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but a satisfying listen nonetheless.

Current Members

Mathias Helgesson


Marcus Hedkvist


Anders Rollings


Former Members/Guests

Patrik Orrmén



2019 Argonauta
  1. Ouroboros
  2. Escape From Reality
  3. Attention
  4. Trouble Child
  5. In The Darkness
  6. I am
  7. Queen Of The Land Of Tomorrow
  8. Always Remember
  9. Father Of Fire
  • Mathias Helgesson
  • Marcus Hedkvist
  • Patrik Orrmén

Pest  EP
  • Mathias Helgesson
  • Marcus Hedkvist
  • Anders Rollings

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