Origin: Germany  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Page online: May 10, 2007
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Formed in 1997 initially as a tribute to the black metal band Summoning, Enid have become one of those bands that seemlingly wanders a solitary path, doing what they want purely on their own terms. Members have come and gone over the years but for the time being the band is a solo act for Martin Wiese. The 2004 album Grandwanderer, is a diverse, ambitious effort, mixing clear classical influences, a bit of folk, and a dash of prog to their metal base. There's plenty of light and shade here, with numerous quiet piano-based interludes, and factor in Wiese's dramatic vocals, the listener really gets the impression that this is something special. It really is an album that stands alone, reflecting the desire of its creators to attempt something interesting and different, rather than simply jumping on to the latest metal trend. Even when the experiments aren't perfect (the odd "The Burning Of The Sea", with its 50s-rock style and Axl Rose-ish vocals) at least one can admire the willingness to experiment. The most recent effort is 2012's Munsalvaesche.

Current Members

Martin Wiese


Former Members/Guests

Maria Dorn


Alboin Goldmund


Michael Kipp




Stefan Graf


Patrick Damiani


Henrik Hamann (guest)


Bera Wiese-Herzoff (guest)


Jens Basfeld


Moritz Neuner

drums (ex-Abigor, ex-Atrocity, ex-Dornenreich, ex-Darkwell, ex-Evenfall, ex-Golden Dawn, ex-Korova, ex-Korovakill, ex-Leaves' Eyes)

Michel Spithoven


Lykrates Vyron (guest)



1999 CCP
  1. Silentium Obscuritate
  2. Institutio Immortales
  3. Of Wisdom's Shadows
  4. Aurora (Instrumental)
  5. Nachtgedanken
  6. Art Of The Blacksmith
  7. Nebelthron
  8. Intransitory
  • Martin Wiese

2000 CCP
  1. Erinnerungen
  2. Weg Der Weisung
  3. Reverie Of Youth In Spheres Of Dream
  4. Meer Der Einsamkeit
  5. Zug Der Vergessenen Reiter
  6. Bondage's Coronation
  7. Herbststurm
  8. Whispering Of Good-bye
  • Martin Wiese
  • Maria Dorn
  • Moritz Neuner

(MCD) Der Tag Zur Nacht Sich Senkt ...  
  1. Darkness Closing In
  2. Der Tag Zur Nacht Sich Senkt ...
  3. Crush Of Death
  • Martin Wiese
  • Alboin Goldmund

2002 Code666
  1. Soulglass (Introduction)
  2. Land Of The Lost
  3. Nexus
  4. Patience's Ring
  5. Interlude
  6. The Forbidden Site
  7. And Soon Will Fall The Days...
  8. Seelenfrieden
  9. Helios' Niedergang
  • Martin Wiese
  • Alboin Goldmund
  • Michael Kipp
  • Thalos
  • Stefan Graf
  • Moritz Neuner

2004 CCP
  1. Chimera
  2. An Ode To The Forlorn
  3. Silent Stage
  4. Gradwanderer
  5. Die Seelensteine
  6. When The Last Glow Flies
  7. Exemption
  8. The Burning Of The Sea
  9. Herbststurm (bonus)
  10. Red Knight
  11. Legends From The Storm
  12. Belrapeire
  13. Munsalvaesche
  14. Condwiramurs
  15. The Journey
  16. Valley Under Two Suns
  17. Sheafs Of Sparks
  • Martin Wiese
  • Alboin Goldmund
  • Thalos
  • Patrick Damiani
  • Jens Basfeld
  • Michel Spithoven

2011 Code666
  • Martin Wiese
  • Henrik Hamann
  • Bera Wiese-Herzoff
  • Lykrates Vyron

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