Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Genres: Stoner Rock
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Last update/review: March 12, 2008

Goat Horn

Goat Horn's debut album is the stoner rock equivalent of any Tankard release, that being a album dedicated to songs about drinking. Voyage To Nowhere is a loose, garage-y stoner metal affair, short on intellectualism, pristine production values or skilled musicianship, but long on in-your-face riffing. Musically the album resembles Wretch-era Kyuss at times, Kyuss at time, perhaps with a fuzzier guitar tone and rougher vocals. Really a rather simplistic album, but catchy and memorable and cool to listen to, no doubt the songs go down quite well live. A second album, Storming The Gates, was released in 2003, and they appeared to be moving up the ranks, but a personal dispute led to their breakup in June 2006. Two of the three guys (Jason and Steelrider) soon recruited a new guitarist and are continuing in Cauldron.

Last Lineup

Jason Decay (Jason Junop)

vocals/bass (Cauldron)

Brandon Wars


Steel Rider (Jason Mellish)

drums (ex-Cauldron)


Voyage To Nowhere  
2001 self-released
  1. Goat Horn
  2. Alcoholic Faith
  3. Eternal Conquest for Eternal Happiness
  4. Shattered Dream
  5. Voyage to Nowhere
  6. Wasted Warrior
  7. Doom March
  • Jason Decay
  • Brandon Wars
  • Steel Rider

Storming The Gates  
  1. Gates Of Oppression
  2. Rotten Roll
  3. To The Cliff
  4. Final Sentence/Finally Sentenced
  5. Storming In
  6. Fortress Doomed
  7. The Last Force
  8. Re-Animation
  9. Fate Strikes
  • Jason Decay
  • Brandon Wars
  • Steel Rider

Threatening Force  EP
  • Jason Decay
  • Brandon Wars
  • Steel Rider

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