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Genres: Death Metal
Page online: May 30, 2016
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The idea for Gruesome came about after guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey Exhumed and drummer Gus Rios completed a stint with the Death tribute tour Death To All, the pair deciding to go all out on a Death tribute, focusing on that band's seminal early albums, particularly 1988's Leprosy. Recruiting another pair of death metal veterans, Gruesome was born and in short order Savage Land was written and recorded, featuring not only a spot-on recreation of the Leprosy style and sound but even similar artwork by the same artist, famed death/thrash metal album cover legend Ed Repka. And that really says it all here, Harvey and crew take this beyond simple influence to full-on homage, and more power to them.

Current Members

Matt Harvey

vocals/guitars (ex-Dekapitator, Exhumed)

Daniel Gonzalez

guitars (guest for Cavalera, ex-Possessed)

Robin Mazen


Gus Rios

drums/guitars (ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Resurrection)


Savage Land  
2015 Relapse
  1. Savage Land
  2. Trapped in Hell
  3. Demonized
  4. Hideous
  5. Gangrene
  6. Closed Casket
  7. Psychic Twin
  8. Gruesome
  • Matt Harvey
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Robin Mazen
  • Gus Rios

Dimensions Of Horror  EP
2016 Relapse
  1. Forces of Death
  2. Raped by Darkness
  3. Amputation
  4. Hellbound
  5. Seven Doors
  6. Dimensions of Horror
  • Matt Harvey
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Robin Mazen
  • Gus Rios

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