Origin: England  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Last update/review: November 26, 2006


Ten Days Before Summer, the middle of three albums released by the British band Hangnail, shows classic stoner metal influences such as Fu Manchu and Kyuss, along with fine Chris Cornell-styled vocals from Harry Armstrong. The album was a perfect match for Rise Above Records, and was an enjoyable stoner metal release. The band released a followup album two years later, in 2001, but were never heard from again and are presumably no more. Armstrong later formed End Of Level Boss.

Last Lineup

Harry Armstrong

vocals/guitars (End Of Level Boss, Orange Goblin)

James Ogawa

lead guitar (ex-End Of Level Boss)

Paul Sphick


Mark Cronin

drums (ex-Mourn)


One Million Layers B.C.  EP
1998 Man's Ruin
  1. Charge the Vibe
  2. The View
  3. Side/Slide
  4. One Million Layers B.C.
  • Harry Armstrong
  • James Ogawa
  • Paul Sphick
  • Mark Cronin

Ten Days Before Summer  
1999 Rise Above
  1. Overhang
  2. Side/Slide
  3. Keep On
  4. Summer Rain
  5. Visit My World
  6. Sun Quake
  7. One Million Layers B.C.
  8. Easy Tiger
  9. Charge the Vibe (japanese bonus track)
  • Harry Armstrong
  • James Ogawa
  • Paul Sphick
  • Mark Cronin

Clouds In The Head  
2001 Rise Above
  1. Slowhead
  2. Third Time Around
  3. Clouds in the Head
  4. Martyr Youthair
  5. Release
  6. Into The Ether
  7. Gone
  8. Drawn to Distraction (Japanese bonus track)
  9. That There Soul
  10. The Watcher
  11. Riffmeister Jesus
  • Harry Armstrong
  • James Ogawa
  • Paul Sphick
  • Mark Cronin

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