Origin: Auburn, Alabama, USA  
Genres: Instrumental
Page online: April 3, 2008
Last update/review: February 22, 2015


This Alabama band (the name means "blood eater") was formed in 1992 and have meandered down their own path for years, releasing several album-length demos before finally putting out an official release, the humorously-titled Untitled, in 2004. Like several other instrumental metal bands, Hematovore has a penchant for odd song titles and quirky, progressive songwriting, though they are not nearly as technical or chaotic as, say, Behold The Arctopus, but perhaps closer to Dysrhythmia in style. For instrumental metal, though, this is quite good, the guys content to riff away without resorting to long soloing or too many obtuse time changes. Instrumental bands rarely have superstardom in mind and no doubt that's the case here as well.

Current Members

Jamie Uertz


Rob Stewart


James Fukai


Randall Sewell


Brian Cross


Former Members/Guests

Steve Schultz



2004 independent
  1. Witherspoon, Pt. 2
  2. Blasting Through The Back Nine
  3. Arachnophilia
  4. Blue Darner
  5. Blue Darner-Coda
  6. Kamacuras And Spiega
  7. One Unit, Whole Blood
  8. Earwigs (ewww!)
  • Jamie Uertz
  • Rob Stewart
  • James Fukai
  • Steve Schultz
  • Brian Cross

Nokturnal Grave Decorator  
2008 independent
  1. Nokturnal Grave Decorator
  2. ..and Black Winds....
  3. ...and.....
  4. Legions of Batrachia
  5. Fuck Yeah, Hammerhead Shark
  6. Here Be Dragons
  7. Autopsy Turvy
  • Jamie Uertz
  • Rob Stewart
  • James Fukai
  • Steve Schultz
  • Brian Cross

Razor Sharp Precision  
2011 independent
  1. Exploding Mosquito Sequence: Initiate!
  2. Mike Rowe Machines
  3. There Was Leather Everywhere And I Was, Like, 16: The Jason Lovett Story: A Lifetime Original Movie
  4. Tango For Cash
  5. Scarlett Johansson
  6. Master Blaster
  7. Oh, I'm Stupid? That's Real Fucking Smart.
  8. The Hellgrammite
  9. Panties Drop
  10. The Curious Advice of Dr. H
  11. Whatchuswattinat?
  12. Dances With MILFs
  • Jamie Uertz
  • Rob Stewart
  • James Fukai
  • Randall Sewell
  • Brian Cross

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