Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: August 16, 2002


Hittman was a late-eighties group squarely in the Queensryche camp of classy, melodic, slightly progressive metal. This was a band that seemed on the rise, but never broke through, possibly due in part to not getting their albums readily available in the states. Vocalist Dirk Kennedy has remained in the industry for some time and talked about a new album a few years ago, which may or may not take place in the future.

Last Lineup

Dirk Kennedy


Jim Bacchi


John Inglima


Greg Bier


Chuck Khoury


Former Members/Guests

Mike Buccellato

bass RIP: November 12, 2013, car accident, age 51

Mark Jenkins



1988 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Metal Sport
  2. Dead On Arrival
  3. Will You Be There
  4. Breakout
  5. Backstreet Rebels
  6. Secret Agent Man
  7. Caught In The Crossfire
  8. Behind The Lines
  9. The Test Of Time
  • Dirk Kennedy
  • Jim Bacchi
  • John Inglima
  • Mike Buccellato
  • Chuck Khoury

Vivas Machina  
1993 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Radio Waves
  2. Listen
  3. Say A Prayer For Me
  4. Words
  5. If You Can't Dance To It
  6. Answer My Prayer
  7. Partners On Crime
  8. Renegade Man
  9. Ballad Of Jackson Heights
  10. Walk Taht Way
  11. Mercy
  • Dirk Kennedy
  • Jim Bacchi
  • John Inglima
  • Mike Buccellato
  • Mark Jenkins

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