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Genres: Stoner Rock
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Last update/review: June 26, 2015


Hermano was the third band featuring former Kyuss vocalist John Garcia. He first sang for the short-lived Slo Burn, and then put together the much-respected Unida, only to see legal wranglings bring that band to a screeching halt. And thus Hermano was born, with their second album, Dare I Say, receiving several glowing reviews since its release in 2004. Somewhat predictably, Hermano really doesn't sound a lot like Kyuss save for Garcia's distinctive vocal style -- coincidentally or not, at times Dare I Say has more in common with Garcia's old bandmate's new band, Queens Of The Stone Age (face it, it's highly unlikely that Garcia or Josh Homme are going to return to that classic old Kyuss sound any time soon). So, not a lot in terms of metal, but as a straight rock album Hermano does just fine, and arguably this was Garcia's most successful post-Kyuss foray. He's now in the post-Kyuss band Vista Chino.

Last Lineup

John Garcia

vocals (ex-Kyuss, ex-Slo Burn, Unida, Vista Chino)

David Angstrom


Dandy Brown


Chris Leathers


Former Members/Guests

Mike Callahan


Steve Earle



Only A Suggestion  
2002 Teepee
  1. Bottle, The
  2. Alone Jeffe
  3. Manager's Special
  4. Senor Moreno's Introduction
  5. Senor Moreno's Plan
  6. Landetta (Motherload)
  7. 5 To 5
  8. Nick's Yea
  • John Garcia
  • David Angstrom
  • Mike Callahan
  • Dandy Brown
  • Steve Earle

Dare I Say  
2004 MeteorCity
  1. Cowboys Suck
  2. Life
  3. Roll Over
  4. Quite Fucked
  5. Is This O.K.?
  6. Brother Bjork
  7. On The Desert
  8. My Boy
  9. Angry American
  10. Murder One
  11. Let's Get It On
  • John Garcia
  • David Angstrom
  • Dandy Brown
  • Chris Leathers

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