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In Vain

In Vain formed in 2003 and released their debut full-length album, The Latter Rain, in 2007, on the heels of an early demo and, later, an EP entitled Wounds. The Latter Rain is an impressive work, drawing from several genres rather seemlessly. Their style might be described as melodic death metal (though not really in the traditional sense of that term), while occasionally they blast away black-metal style and still other times there's a prog-death edge a la Opeth. The compositions are well structured and thought out, graceful when need be without losing track of their brutal/extreme side. The vocals are all over the place, with three guys plus guests taking part, with clean and harsh vocals both well represented. This band could really develop into something special given time and the right breaks.

Current Members

Andreas Frigstad


Sindre Nedland

keyboards/vocals (Funeral)

Johnar Håland


Kjetil Pedersen

guitars/backing vocals

Alexander Lebowski Bøe


Former Members/Guests

Even Fuglestad


Joakim Sehl


Kristian Wikstøl


Stig Reinhardtsen


Baard Kolstad (guest)

drums (ex-Borknagar, Leprous)


Wounds  EP
2005 self-released
  1. October's Monody
  2. Det Rakner!
  3. In Rememberance
  4. Epilogue: Alene
  • Andreas Frigstad
  • Sindre Nedland
  • Johnar Håland
  • Joakim Sehl

The Latter Rain  
  1. The Latter Rain
  2. In the Midnight Hour
  3. Det Rakner!
  4. October´s Monody
  5. Their Spirits Ride with the Wind
  6. I Total Triumf
  7. The Titan
  8. As I Wither
  9. Morning Sun
  10. Sorgenfri
  • Andreas Frigstad
  • Sindre Nedland
  • Johnar Håland
  • Even Fuglestad
  • Kristian Wikstøl
  • Stig Reinhardtsen

2010 Indie
  1. Captivating Solitude
  2. Ain't No Lovin'
  3. Mannefall
  4. On the Banks of the Mississippi
  5. Dark Prophets, Black Hearts
  6. Wayakin (The Guardian Spirit of the Nez Perce)
  7. Circle of Agony
  8. Sombre Fall, Burdened Winter
  • Andreas Frigstad
  • Sindre Nedland
  • Johnar Håland
  • Kristian Wikstøl
  • Stig Reinhardtsen

2013 Indie
  1. Against the Grain
  2. Image of Time
  3. Southern Shores
  4. Hymne til havet
  5. Culmination of the Enigma
  6. Times of Yore
  7. To the Core
  8. Floating on the Murmuring Tide
  • Andreas Frigstad
  • Sindre Nedland
  • Johnar Håland
  • Kjetil Pedersen
  • Kristian Wikstøl
  • Stig Reinhardtsen

2018 Indie
  1. Seekers of the Truth
  2. Soul Adventurer
  3. Blood We Shed
  4. En forgangen tid (Times of Yore Pt. II)
  5. Origin
  6. As the Black Horde Storms
  7. Standing on the Ground of Mammoths
  • Andreas Frigstad
  • Sindre Nedland
  • Johnar Håland
  • Kjetil Pedersen
  • Alexander Lebowski Bøe
  • Baard Kolstad

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