Origin: Bangalore, India  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Page online: May 6, 2018
Last update/review: October 23, 2021


2018 finds Kryptos as the first band from India to grace these pages, yet this is not a metal upstart, as the band dates back to 1998 and their 2016 album reviewed here, Burn Up The Night, is their fourth. Here the guys are channelling classic 80's Priest/Maiden influences (particularly the latter), though the gruff, snarled vocals (reminding these ears of the late great Coroner) are a differentiator, they serve to give a band a slightly darker edge. Overall, these guys don't bite off more than they can chew, they stick to what they know, with few if any nods to modern metal, yet they are adept enough to not sound like a tired 80's rehash. Nice to see a traditionally un-metallic part of the world making a solid metal contribution.

Current Members

Ganesh Krishnaswamy


Nolan Lewis


Rohit Chaturvedi


Vijit Singh


Former Members/Guests

Akshay Patel


Jayawent Tewari


Ryan Colaco


Anthony Hoover


Deepak Raghu (guest)



Spiral Ascent  
  1. Cursed Evolution (Intro)
  2. Altered Destinies
  3. Forgotten Land of Ice
  4. Clandestine Elements
  5. In Twilight's Grace
  6. Expedition to Abnormalia
  7. Satyr-Like Face
  8. Forsaken
  9. Descension
  10. Spiral Ascent (Outro)
  • Ganesh Krishnaswamy
  • Nolan Lewis
  • Akshay Patel
  • Ryan Colaco

The Ark Of Gemini  
2008 Old School Metal
  1. Sphere VII
  2. Order of DNA
  3. Heretic Supreme
  4. Tower of Illusions
  5. The Revenant
  6. Vulcan
  7. Trident
  8. Liquid Grave
  9. The Presence of Eternity
  • Nolan Lewis
  • Rohit Chaturvedi
  • Jayawent Tewari
  • Ryan Colaco

The Coils Of Apollyon  
2012 Iron Fist
  1. The Mask of Anubis
  2. The Coils of Apollyon
  3. Serpent Mage
  4. Nexus Legion
  5. Eternal Crimson Spires
  6. Spellcraft
  7. Starfall
  8. Visions of Dis
  9. The Isle of Voices
  • Nolan Lewis
  • Rohit Chaturvedi
  • Jayawent Tewari
  • Ryan Colaco

Burn Up The Night  
2016 AFM
  1. Blackstar Horizon
  2. Full Throttle
  3. The Summoning
  4. Unto Elysium
  5. One Shot to Kill
  6. Waverider
  7. Prepare to Strike
  8. Burn Up the Night
  • Ganesh Krishnaswamy
  • Nolan Lewis
  • Rohit Chaturvedi
  • Anthony Hoover

2019 AFM
  1. Afterburner
  2. Cold Blood
  3. Dead of Night
  4. Red Dawn
  5. On the Run
  6. The Crimson Queen
  7. Mach Speed Running
  8. Into the Wind
  • Ganesh Krishnaswamy
  • Nolan Lewis
  • Rohit Chaturvedi
  • Deepak Raghu

Force Of Danger  
2021 AFM
  1. Raging Steel
  2. Hot Wired
  3. Dawnbreakers
  4. Thunderchild
  5. Nighthawk
  6. Omega Point
  7. Force of Danger
  8. Shadowmancer
  • Ganesh Krishnaswamy
  • Nolan Lewis
  • Rohit Chaturvedi
  • Vijit Singh

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