Origin: Cranston, Rhode Island, USA  
Genres: Doomdeath
Last update/review: August 14, 2003

Long Winters' Stare

Long Winter's Stare describe their sound as "symphonic experimental dark metal", and that's as good a phrase as any in attempting to describe this peculiar band. Before The Dawn ... features a kind of gothic doom, with vocals ranging from death growls to tortured shrieks to spoken verse, and more keyboards (predominantly piano) than most bands in this arena, lending an ethereal and classical air to the proceedings. It's bleak, it's warped (witness the nearly unrecognizable cover of "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas (!)), and it's pretty unique. Often this kind of music is too depressing for its own good, but while this album is as sorrowful as any, it's also very interesting listening. The band announced its breakup soon after the release of The Tears Of Odin's Fallen.

Last Lineup

Deirdra Faith


Clint Listing


Greg Ball



Cold Tale Eternal  
1998 Pantheon

Before The Dawn, So Go The Shadows ...  
1999 Dragon Flight
  1. Blood Of the Nazarene
  2. He Is Insane
  3. War Epic
  4. Carry On
  5. Into the Darkness
  6. Hounds
  7. Remain Life Eternal
  8. Into the Sun
  • Clint Listing
  • Greg Ball

The Tears Of Odin's Fallen  
2000 Dark Symphonies
  • Deirdra Faith
  • Clint Listing
  • Greg Ball

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