Origin: Athens, Georga, USA  
Genres: Instrumental
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Page online: April 7, 2017
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Self-described (and accurately so) as experimental metal, this Georgia group started life in 2006 as a five-piece. But by the time of their first recording they'd lost their vocalist to throat surgery and pared down to a trio, and in doing so shifted direction to their present form. They released two EPs in 2008 and 2012, and then arrived with The Beast Of Left And Right, put out in 2012. Essentially an instrumental act now save the occasional stray shout, Lazer/Wülf deal in highly-charged and complex math metal, with plenty of twists and turns but also adept at focusing on nifty crunchy riffs. Clearly not meant for radio airplay or widespread acceptance, this band nonetheless shows a great deal of promise.

Current Members

Brian Aiken


Sean Peiffer


Matt Karoglou


Former Members/Guests



Brad Rice



The Void That Isn't  EP
  1. Sacrilicious
  2. (My Hiss Becomes Your Own)
  3. Urine for a Treat
  4. Howl Movement, I-III: Devastate!
  5. Lagarto
  6. Who Were the Mound Builders?
  • Brian Aiken
  • Sean Peiffer
  • Mathius

There Was A Hole Here. It's Gone Now.  EP
  1. We Will Meet Again
  2. Song from the Second Floor
  3. Bones of the Youth
  4. Morgue Nest
  5. It's Gone Now
  • Brian Aiken
  • Sean Peiffer
  • Brad Rice

The Beast Of Left And Right  
2014 Retro Futurist
  1. Choose Again (Right Path)
  2. Lagarto
  3. A Conflict of Memory
  4. The Triple Trap
  5. Beast Reality (Center Piece)
  6. Concentric Eyes
  7. Choose Again (Left Path)
  8. Who Were the Mound Builders
  9. Mutual End
  • Brian Aiken
  • Sean Peiffer
  • Brad Rice

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