Origin: Oslo, Norway  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Page online: February 22, 2014
Last update/review: February 22, 2014

Lonely Kamel

There aren't a lot of well-known stoner bands from Norway (two good ones are Blessed Death and We), as Sweden has produced more such bands among the Scandinavian countries. Lonely Kamel, formed in 2005, aims to put their homeland on the stoner metal map. A somewhat more bluesy and relaxed take on the genre, Blues For The Dead, the band's second, is a quality release that should appeal to the desert rock crowd. They've recently signed to Napalm Records for their third album, as well as possibly re-releasing their hard-to-find debut.

Current Members

Tomas Brenna


Lukas Paulsen

lead guitar (Acarash)

Stian Helle


Espen Nesset



Lonely Kamel  
  1. In My Lane
  2. I'm Your God
  3. Dark Lord
  4. Don't Piss On The Lizzard
  5. Madras
  6. Damn You're Hot
  7. Spacerider
  8. Black Suits & Guns
  9. Shake It With The Devil
  • Tomas Brenna
  • Lukas Paulsen
  • Stian Helle
  • Espen Nesset

Blues For The Dead  
2010 Transubstans
  1. A Tale Of A Madman
  2. Green Eyed Woman
  3. Wasted Time
  4. Stick With Your Plan
  5. Lady Mushroom
  6. A Million Years From Home
  7. No More Excuses
  8. Blindfolded
  9. The Boys
  10. The Trip
  • Tomas Brenna
  • Lukas Paulsen
  • Stian Helle
  • Espen Nesset

Dust Devil  
2011 Napalm
  1. Grim Reefer
  2. Evil Man
  3. Blues For The Dead
  4. Rotten Seed
  5. Seventh Son
  6. The Prophet
  7. Ragnarokr
  8. Roadtrip With Lucifer
  9. Hard To Please
  10. Whorehouse Groove
  • Tomas Brenna
  • Lukas Paulsen
  • Stian Helle
  • Espen Nesset

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